Thursday, 7 May 2015

voting day

Today was a hugely significant day. 
Today, all women that voted made history happen. 

Today I walked into a polling station, I entered a booth, I marked X in a box.
Today I voted.

When I took that pencil in my hand and held it between my fingers, a smile slowly crept onto my lips. 
An overwhelming sense of gratitude and pride. 
The realisation of the incredible action that I made today, overwhelmed me.

Almost 100 years ago, my sisters and mothers were giving their lives to do what I so easily did today, to have their voices heard. 
For this day to happen, women were humiliated, objectified, force-fed, abused, tortured and denied any decent right as a  living human being. 
Because of these brave women, today, my voice and all my sisters voices in the British isles, were heard also.

Yes progress is slow, and yes there may be things that happen today in the name of women's freedom that our sister suffragettes may have found confusing, but we are getting there. 

Today my sister suffragettes are smiling, knowing that the cause they devoted their lives to, did matter, and its effects are seen today.

So I just wanted to make this day (and every day) into a celebration of women and the incredible honour I feel to be a woman, to belong to such a passionate and noble sex.

Here's to the suffragists and suffragettes!
 Their voices do indeed live on!
Thank you.


  1. I feel sad thinking how many centuries in human history have been wasted because women didn't have the opportunity to share their wisdom.

    Now women have more opportunity. But there are still many things in this modern world that are unfair to women.

    I wonder if your nana was a suffragette? Or do you have any suffragette ancestor? :)

  2. Thank you Joanna, reading this i realize that a lot still has to be overcome, before acceptance of equality in all fields of society breaks through, even here in the Netherlands. 'equality i spoke the word as if a wedding vow' (Dylan) cheers,