Monday, 15 December 2014

i saw myself last night

I saw myself last night
I was tiny
Not of great height
But the sight
Of seeing me
Full of perfect simplicity
Before the darkness of the fight
Before the blackness of the night
Of all the woes
The rains on earth
I was breathing free
Not shackled in dirt

And in all my knowledge
And worldly gain
She knew not any pain
And as I stood there looking down
I knew she was wiser 
Than my learned 
Heavy brow

For though I know how to tie my shoe
She knows all that is true
And while I sit counting the days
She abounds in endless play
When I am sorry and crying so
She is full of a golden hope
And when I am angry and bitter to the core
Her heart overflows with a love so sure

For she cast her troubles before they came
She hid her treasures where none could take
She is all the delights of her Father's heart
Never once are they a-part

O dear little I
May I too find
That sweet wonder
That definite sight
Of our Father's own heavenly light
And store it also within my heart
For each day and each night
Of my old 

Joanna Grace