Wednesday, 22 October 2014

when the weathermen get it wrong

Man traps and frames and captures and tames
But a wilderness is forever wild.

When the rain pours with hours long,
And the weathermen get it wrong.
When the rising river presents her tongue,
When the sea shows she is more strong.
I smile at nature's furious song,
And am glad when man's predictions are un-done.

The flood waters, the rippling mud,
Of what she does, you must not judge.
The wandering bolts, the un-mapped deep,
The roaming, roaring tempest,
The frothing force that never sleeps.

Eventually the wind blows you hollow,
And you are left with nothing but sorrow.

You may have conquered here and there,
Invaded, killed, and were not aware.

But now Nature speaks with full command,
Even though you hear, you do not understand.
You go on marking, breaking, fencing land,
So now you will see the wrath of Nature's hand.

- Joanna Grace


  1. Thank you for this wonderful poem! It brings great comfort and relief to my heart!
    I have always lived in the fear that in the far future the world may be like what science-fiction movies make it appear: that the future world would be one big global city with flying cars and robots. Such a thought scares me.

    But your poem brings great pride in my heart, because it made me realize how grossly those movie makers have underestimated the true power of nature!
    Your poem is as great as the untamed might of nature!

    Nature will never be conquered! Most of the land area of the world is countryside and wilderness---and man can never change it!
    So touching poem!
    Hail nature!

    You are a genius poet and composer and songwriter!
    You are a good actress who acts for a purpose! ♥