Thursday, 2 October 2014


Well, here I am back in the centre of things, that is physically.
I'm a little further out mentally or emotionally or spiritually, on the edge of things, you might say; leaning away from the curve of the pavement; beyond the racing cars with their faces steely blue, and out beyond the railway track, floating above the pollution; somewhere.
Physically I must remain I suppose.
For a time anyhow.
It will go.
Falling back in step with the striding angular shoulder blades and the clickety-clack of the step upon hard ground, but I don't really want to fall in.
I want to wander.
There are croaking bloated coughs here, eyes sore from artificial light, they do not seem to grow with the green- the evergreen.
They are stunted in their musing, in their singing and their dancing.
But here I am in the centre of things.
Things being here.
Here being things.
And around and around it goes.

but, really, I have flown away to sweeter days...


  1. That seems to be your sister on the photo with you.. Does the poem talk about her return?

    Or does the poem talk about you? From where have you been away physically?

    Do you always write poems that are cryptic?? The words of your poem are easy to understand, but what they signify is just unfathomable. They branch out into thousands of different possible meanings on my mind. It's hard to conclude what they might mean, when I'm merely supposing.

    Do you like it--writing poems whose meaning only you could immediately understand? If you do like it, then most poets are like you. Poems are supposed to be expression of our deep feelings. And yet, I don't know why many poets make their poems cryptic---poems that you have to decipher before being understood. How could poems be expressions if the words themselves cannot express themselves by being unfathomable to the world?

    I never did write a cryptic poem. When I write poems their meaning is explicit--it's right there. Why are my poems like that? It's because they are expressions of my emotions. Since I don't have anyone here to express my emotions to,I feel my emotions being strangled, so I'd express them as poems. And to write a cryptic poem means to further strangle these emotions that are despairing to express themselves, craving to flame out.
    Maybe some of my poems are difficult to understand---but only because I use fancy words that needed the dictionary to be understood. But once the words are understood, all of the poem's meaning is obvious.

    But your poems use simple words--easy to be understood without the need of dictionaries. But the words' significance is so cryptic.

    I wish I could know how you feel, what makes you so happy, what makes you sad..what are the sweeter days.

  2. Hmm well, I'm not good at reading then understanding these things.