Saturday, 2 August 2014

Wednesday 18th January 1939

I am going walking and adventuring, going to see pictures of an afternoon; and often come face to face, after tea, at odd moments, with the idea of death and age. Why not change the idea of death into an exciting experience? - as one did marriage in youth? Age is baffled today by my creative gift - still abubble. And then the steady passion with which I now read . . . A rainy day. Rain real wet drops: white splashing from the road.



  1. Wow... I stumbled upon your "accent" videos (you are quite good btw) and followed them here. I must say that your prose and poetry choices give me the impression of a thoughtful and intelligent young woman. I hope you are as fascinating to know irl as you seem to be online. (that sounded creepy... I'm in Texas, I won't be knocking on your door)
    A smitten fan,
    Peter Eichmiller

  2. Wasn't she happy with her Leonard? She seemed to suggest that marriage is only happy in the minds of youth..