Saturday, 19 July 2014

Wednesday 7th January 1920

L. has spent most of his time pruning the apple trees, and tying plums to the wall. To do this he wears two jackets, two pairs of gloves; even so the cold bites through. These last days have been like frozen water, ruffled by the wind into atoms of ice against the cheek; then, in the shelter, forming around you in a still pond.


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  1. I wonder why this entry touched you that you posted it here?

    You seem to post her entries with a gloomy theme in them.. I wonder why? Or maybe you do not view them as gloomy, but something ideally inspiring? :)

    What about the summer there? Maybe you do not like the heat, so these diary entries inspire you?
    Perhaps I would love heat one day when I live in a freezing country. But as long as I'm here in these humid isles, heat is always my enemy.
    So this diary entry is quite refreshing for me, especially the lines "even so the cold bites through." :-)

    How were you inspired/touched by it? :-)