Friday, 18 July 2014

Wednesday 30th October 1918

Just in from a walk in the Park on this incredibly lovely autumn day. We talked of peace: how the sausage balloons will be hauled down, and the gold coins dribble in; and how soon people will forget all about the war, and the fruits of our victory will grow as dusty ornaments under glass cases in lodging-house drawing rooms.



  1. Oh but how wrong she was

  2. I wonder if you wrote a letter to the Unknown Soldier? These last weeks I've been planning to write to him, but I just can't think of what to say..There are many contrary things on my mind..

    Have you written to the Unknown Soldier? What did you say to him? Perhaps you had some great grandparents in the war??

    1. I'm in the process of finishing it, almost done. Mine is more of a poem. You have to send it to him before the 3rd of August, then you can see all the letters written by everyone. One of my great uncles died in WW2.

  3. Oh we could also write to the soldiers in the second world war? I thought the Unknown Soldier is for the first world war..

    In what branch of the army did your great uncle served? Was he driving a tank, or a foot soldier, or a pilot of a plane, or was he in the navy?
    And was he from your mum's side or dad's side??

    I wonder what was the theme of your letter? Was it anti-war??
    I'm soooOO confused what to write. I'm supposed to say something that is anti-war, but then it is my belief that sometimes wars are necessary. Of course not for invading and enslaving peoples, but to free them. There are people who say that we should always talk things over, never do violence--never to war. But WHAT IF the aggressive side could never ever be persuaded to talk things over? What if the peace-loving side always want to talk and so suddenly the warlike side starts doing great violence to others through invasions.. Surely the peace-loving side would have no choice but to stop the warlike side through war also--for words could no longer deter them :(

    The price of freedom is always high :(.. If we would always be peaceful, there are other "misguided" people who want to enslave others, and they would reign the world with terror because we would use only words that they never hinder.. I don't know what to say to the Unknown Soldier :( ..because I do not like wars, but I also see the necessity of it to stop tyrants.