Thursday, 17 July 2014

Wednesday 18th September 1918

I saw them from behind, a shabby, homely, dowdy couple, marching with the uncertain step of strength just beginning to fail, she clutching his arm, and looking much older than he, in her angularity. Their clothes looked ill dusted, and their eyes peering in front of them.



  1. Please tell me again the title of the movie that you liked where there are 2 old couples in love? I think it was the story of CS Lewis??

    I cannot understand why people who enter a couple relationship only think of how they could live a nice life with the partner during their active days..
    I rather think that those who truly love are the ones who enter a relationship after having considered how they would live together in old age..

    1. I think you may be thinking of Shadow Lands. That is a beautiful thought. I suppose you take one day at a time, and age comes gradually, naturally.

  2. About aging..yes it comes gradually and naturally..and blessed are those who though they may change bodily, they never ever change in spirit. That's why I'd love to see this Shadow Lands. I like watching lovers' staying-power..Always the same, never changing :)

    Thank you for saying it's a beautiful thought! :) I always have this kind of very pleasant "shiver" whenever the word "beautiful" comes from you!
    Most people over-use that word..
    They do not describe pleasant things properly, so they would just take to describing things lightly and use the word "beautiful."

    It should never be over-used. You, dear Jo, is a person who really knows how to use that word :) It's because you really have the eye, the ear, the taste, the smell, the feel for things that are beautiful--while most other people around you ignore them, or rather unaware of them.