Saturday, 26 July 2014

Tuesday 20th December 1927

Nessa's children's party last night. The little creatures' acting moved my infinitely sentimental throat. And yet oddly enough I scarcely want children of my own now. This insatiable desire to write something before I die, this ravaging sense of the shortness and feverishness of life, make me cling, like a man on a rock, to my one anchor. I don't like the physicalness of having children of one's own. I can dramatise myself as a parent, it is true, And perhaps I have killed the feeling instinctively; as perhaps nature does...
Yes, I repeat, a very happy, a singularly happy autumn.


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  1. Was she already married to Leonard then? She seemed to be feeling "single." ..and maybe her "one anchor" was her husband.

    Is it possible, though? To still feel single, to still feel free, even if one is already married?
    I wonder if Virginia and her husband were usually away from each other, or were they together, spending time with each other??