Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Sunday 8th September 1918

Poor old Bunny! He is as if caked with earth, stiff as a clod; you can almost see the docks and nettles sprouting from his mind; his sentences creak with rust. He can only lay hands on the simplest words. However by dint of kindly treatment we softened him. We wanted to know about mushrooms; and upon all funguses he is an authority.


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  1. Who is Bunny?? This diary entry reminds me of your tweet about getting lost in the moors, and coming back with many nature things clinging on you, including some wild fantasies :-)
    Oh Joanna, if only you know how much I pine to know the whole story why you got lost in the moors, what were you doing there on the first place, and how come you got entangled with those nature things, and most of all--W H A T were those wild fantasies that your brought out with you from the moor?? :-)

    I hope that you would not forget to talk about them when you get to reply again :-) :-)
    I always enjoy your stories about nature!