Monday, 21 July 2014

Sunday 5th December 1920

Then both so popular, so well known, so much respected - and Leonard forty, and I nearing it, so there's not much to boast of. In my heart, too, I prefer the nondescript anonymous days of youth. I like youthful minds; and the sense that no one's yet anybody.



  1. Joanna, where did you get the diaries? What are the biblio details? How many vols are there? (I seem to remember the big hardback editions in about 12 vols). Matthew

    1. Hi Matthew, there has been a new edited version recently, called selected diaries. There has been some deletion to make the collected book smaller. A wonderful read, would recommend.

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  2. But somehow I disagree..because for me, when I saw a child, even though I could never tell what that child would become as an adult, I could already sense the "potential" of what the child would be.. Of course a person's experiences shape that person's character...But there is always the "nature" of a person..that part of the person which can't help manifesting itself despite whatever experiences would shape the person..

    So when I stare at a child, I could already see a glimpse of her being somebody...

    Could you "see through" children? Could you somehow tell their potential? :)