Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Sunday 3rd January 1915

I think patriotism is a base emotion. By this I mean that they played a National Anthem and a hymn, and all I could feel was the entire absence of emotion in myself and everyone else. If the British spoke openly about WC's, and copulation, then they might be stirred by universal emotions. As it is, an appeal to feel together is hopelessly muddled by intervening greatcoats and fur coats.I begin to loathe my kind, principally from looking at their faces in the tube. Really raw red beef and silver herrings give me more pleasure to look upon.



  1. Feeling unpatriotic dear? Hope it's not because of Rooney and Gerrard :)

    Well, your anthem is not exactly patriotic to begin with. Land of Hope and Glory is far more patriotic (plus Elgar's tune is incredible.) Not that it fits post 1960's Britain in any case, but it would fit 1915's Britain like a glove

    Plus your national policy should have changed at least 100 years ago. I know everything is typically British this British that right now, but after 300 years of English supremacy, it needs some time for EVERYONE to put British over 'blood.' Then you might have even saved the colonies with major British population

    Anyway, it's probably better for most people the way things turned out

  2. Maybe it is not patriotism that she disliked...maybe it was imperialism.. I wonder how would she feel if she lives in this century? Maybe she would no longer despise patriotism since there is no longer imperialism..
    Anyway, there is nothing bad with patriotism..the bad thing is nationalism..