Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Saturday 31st December 1932

Yes, of course this autumn has been a tremendous revelation. It was a great sense of liberation. Well - it is always doubtful how far one human being can be free. However, I secured a season of intoxicating exhilaration. Nor do I intend to let myself pay for it with the usual black despair. I intend to circumvent that supervening ghost - that which always trails its damp wings behind my glories. I shall be very wary. To suppress oneself and run freely out in joy - such is the perfectly infallible and simple prescription. And to use one's hands and eyes; to talk to people; to be a straw on the river, now and then - passive, not striving to say this is this. If one does not lie back and sum up and say to the moment, this very moment, Stay you are so fair, what will be ones gain, dying? No: stay, this moment. No one ever says that enough. I am now going in, to see L. and say Stay this moment.


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  1. Being able to recognize that you're currently experiencing happy moments is evidence that you're having happy days..
    Sometimes people realize that they've had happy days only when they are already experiencing bad ones..

    I wonder if you realize that you're having happy days, or you only realize it when they belong in the past??