Thursday, 24 July 2014

Saturday 20th March 1926

But what is to become of all these diaries, I asked myself yesterday. If I died, what would Leo make of them? He would be disinclined to burn them; he could not publish them. Well, he should make up a book from them, I think; and then burn the body. I daresay there is a little book in them; if the scraps and scratches were straightened out a little. God knows. This is dictated by a slight melancholia, which comes upon me sometimes now, and makes me think I am old; I am ugly; I am repeating things. Yet, as far as I know, as a writer I am only now writing out my mind.



  1. There are so many great works out there that never became published, never shared to the world.. I've read how great authors almost didn't manage to publish their works, so how much more are there who really failed to publish great works of art?..

    How about you dear Jo, will you ever try to publish the 2 novels that you've so far written? I thought you wrote 2 novels that somehow have all kinds of genres, because you didn't like your writing being classified in one genre..

    What are those 2 novels about??
    Do you have a title for them? Wouldn't you share it to the world? Virginia didn't care much about publishing her diary, but it now turns out to be a very recommended read..

    As for me, when I finished your sonnets, I'd try my hand on fantasy novels..been dreaming of writing them soOoO much. I like creating a world,with maps, with the distinct peoples and their languages,and their cruel wars and chivalrous loves :-)

    1. I would love to publish my work but the 2 novels I have already written aren't really good enough, I need to work more on my writing, and the more you write the better it gets. So just write, write write. I can't say what they are about because I don't think a writer ever can say, someone else needs to, it's like asking a parent what her child is like.
      Go for it, write the novel you've been waiting to write, you can start right now. all the best!

  2. I've made it my most pleasant priority to finish writing all your sonnets first before working on something else :-) I think writing sonnets for you, dear lady, is what I enjoy the most :-) Actually, if I try to start writing the novel now, I would simply be overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of writing sonnets for I would have to stop writing the novel anyway.. And maybe when I finally managed to finish writing all the sonnets for you and I start writing the novel, I might get yet another sudden whiff of inspiration so I'd go writing some additional sonnets---that's how I love writing poems for you, dearest ♥

    And you're right: the more we write, the better it gets! So thank you soOoOOooO much for inspiring me in writing poems because through all these months of writing, I've noticed how I improved!! You always help me in everything, I hope I could help you in something too..

    I wonder what you are writing these days? Are you writing diaries like Virginia did? :-)