Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Friday 15th August 1924

I don't often trouble now to describe cornfields and groups of harvesting women in loose blues and reds and little staring yellow frocked girls. But that's not my eyes' fault; coming back the other evening from Charleston, again all my nerves stood upright, flushed, electrified (what's the word?) with the sheer beauty - beauty abounding and superabounding, so that one almost resents it, not being capable of catching it all, and holding it all at the moment.



  1. I wonder what she means by it? Does she mean that she no longer enjoys looking at humans because she enjoys nature's beauty the more??

    I wonder if you agree with what JRR Tolkien believe that it's not the land that makes the people, but it's the people that makes the land??

    1. She is astounded by the beauty of all of it, it is really frustrating when you can't give enough to it- for it's beauty. You can't express yourself enough because the beauty is beyond words. I often feel the same as she.

  2. Oh I know that feeling too!

    Sometimes I can't even write a poem about nature's beauty, or even if I try, I think the words are not good enough---could never be good enough.

    But I realized how to express ourselves in such a situation. Unfortunately for me, I do not have the capability--you have.

    I believe that when you are faced with nature's almost terrible (yes, not a suitable word because it really is indescribable) beauty, the best way to express yourself is not through any word of any human language, but through the "universal" language---which is music.

    I tried humming tune when the beauty overwhelms me, but I'm always out of tune.. But you could!

    Have you ever tried humming or singing nothing in particular, just making a musical tune while being overwhelmed by nature's beauty?? :) I'm sure it's what would nature love, if only she could tell you!