Saturday, 17 May 2014

my mothersea

I know my mother's mothering was like the sea and she flooded beyond the bounds of her separate self into me and my sisters and brother, and I know that her love was a flowing water that knew no dry borders, for she was not like the sea, but she was the sea, as she carried us our nine months each, and in our childhoods her motherlove was open silverwater for us five fish to swim in.

- Jay Griffiths (Wild)


  1. It is one of the most wonderful power of women--that ability to blossom life within her! :)

    But these days, it is not seen as a great power :( Ever since the "cultural construct" that men are "stronger," child-bearing started being viewed as a "burden." :( :(

    During earlier times, when men were not yet disillusioned about their "strength," child bearing was viewed as a great miracle..and even men in those pure days were disappointed that they didn't have the power to make life blossom inside them. Women might have been seen then as superior to men, for it is in women's power to procreate ♥

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