Saturday, 17 May 2014

still wild

We are wild but tamed by television, controlled by Captain Clock, hemmed in by routine and obedience to petty convention. The more suffocatingly enclosed we are, the louder our wild genes scream in misery, aggression, anger and despair. In wildness is our self-willed, self-governing freedom, and such wild freedom blossoms within us, bubbles over with an anarchic ivresse of feeling. And we glint when the wild light shines. 

Jay Griffiths (Wild)


my mothersea

I know my mother's mothering was like the sea and she flooded beyond the bounds of her separate self into me and my sisters and brother, and I know that her love was a flowing water that knew no dry borders, for she was not like the sea, but she was the sea, as she carried us our nine months each, and in our childhoods her motherlove was open silverwater for us five fish to swim in.

- Jay Griffiths (Wild)