Thursday, 23 January 2014

she opened the door

She opened the door of the West to me,
With its loud sea-lashings,
    And cliff-side clashings
Of waters rife with revelry
She opened the door of Romance to me, 
     The door from a cell
     I had known too well,
 Too long, till then, and was fain to flee
She opened the door of a Love to me, 
     That passed the wry
     World-welters by
As far as the arching blue the lea
She opens the door of the Past to me,
    Its magic lights,
    Its heavenly heights,
 When forward little is to see!

- Thomas Hardy

1 comment:

  1. Hello dear Joanna! Could you possibly be feeling sad at the present and reminiscing a lot about the past??

    I hope my interpretation is wrong, but the last stanza of the poem talks about the wonders of the past and the last line "When forward little is to see!" I take it to mean that there is little happiness looking forward to the present ...
    I hope that my thoughts are wrong...

    I hope you're enjoying these days, dearest Joanna..

    If ever there is anything bothering you, you could treat me as some diary and share your thoughts..(I treat you like a diary in the e-mails!) :)

    Is there something again that is "polluting" your mind like the film that you walked out on because you didn't want to watch it?? ..

    Be tough dearest Jo.. I'm so proud of you because you have the courage to stand up against bad influences! It is so difficult to do especially if what's at risk is your being social to people.
    I know too many people who chose to let bad influence come to them because they couldn't just refuse other people (watching something, going to parties, and other social things)..they were too afraid that people might think them being anti-social so they'd rather be influenced badly :(
    (I myself suffer being thought of as anti-social because I always don't join people whenever I could sense bad influence)
    But I know you're a lot better than those people, you'd never allow yourself to be influenced badly. You have what it takes to stand up :)

    Take care dearest Jo!
    (Almost everything that I do these days are inspired by you!) Thank you!

    Have you read the sonnet for January? :)