Sunday, 5 January 2014

enough Time?

My mind lingers on the golden water where the sailing boats reflect in glorious light.
The mermaids sing with the cooing gulls and watch from stranded seaweed rocks.
The farm house with gilded panes is set in the valley.
The hay loft in the barn.
The wet silver path waiting for ancestor to tread again.

But you, you were there watching with me.
We were existing then.
We talked and sang and ran and roared into the wind.
We smiled into the setting sun and sat and watched the waves.
You asked me
'Don't you want to stay here forever?' 

But did I hold you enough.
Did I kiss you enough.
Did I just lie with you and not wander further, enough.

Because Time slips through my fingers like rain.
It tells me to be afraid.
It whispers to me a worry
 that I haven't loved enough 
in this constant now.

Joanna Grace


  1. Hello!

    Your poem is so unique! :) I've always wanted to read a poem that has such a theme! It reminds me of the man with scarred face on Youtube who said that he has died and saw God andthat in His presence, there was no Time, but only the state of being forever! It reminds me of what I read in C.S. Lewis's "Last Battle" where there is a similar description of heaven having the state of being forever where there is no duration of life...

    Your poem has that theme! Is that what your poem means? :)
    In your poem, the first and last stanzas seem to be happening on the mortal world, while the second and third, in heaven---where there is a state of constant forever :)

    To whom did you write that poem? Is that poem written to someone you feel a platonic relationship (like family and friends) or is it written to someone romantic??

    I hope I was there too watching with you, and existing with you then.

    And let me say that the first 2 lines are fantastic, having rhythm in iambic, especially the second line! :)
    Did you really intend to write the second line in iambic meter? :) It just so low with rhythm :)

    Take care dearest joanna, graceful Radiance of the World!

    Is it a photo of you and your loving family this New Year by the seashore? :)

  2. * not low, but "flow"... The second line just flows with rhythm :)

    Take care dear Kindred Spirit.. I hope you're enjoying these days specially prepared for family time! :) :) May God's blessing for you be the constant state of forever ♥