Tuesday, 26 November 2013

is Sunny lost?

There was a boy called Sunny. He was a shy boy. He wasn't like the others in his village, he had a beautiful and gentle heart. One passion he had was of sailing, far out into the mighty ocean. Upon his little sailing boat he would visit distant lands.
In the cold and lonely deep, he would look up to the Moon shining on the water and he felt less alone. The Moon grew fond of the little sailor Sunny, and often came out from behind the clouds to look down upon him.
Sunny made the Moon smile, they became the best of friends.
Often a time he would write to her and send her secret messages. None of the others in the village understood Sunny and the Moon but that was ok. The Moon would smile and shine her brightest light upon his up-turned cheek.
But there came a night when the waves grew angry and they tossed and turned mightily in all the waters and Sunny's little sailing boat was whisked away, far away.
The Moon looked out all over the waves and at every bay along the coast but Sunny and his boat were not to be found. The Moon tried to send out her secret messages to reach him, to ask the sea creatures, but no one could tell her where he was.

She hopes that Sunny has found his own Arcady, and that he isn't lost or hurting.
But the Moon hasn't lost hope, she still waits in the clouds to this day, waiting for her friend to return again on the waters.
To look down once more upon Sunny and his little sailing boat and smile.


  1. Did you write this curious and wonderful story? :)

    I think Sunny has gone to heaven which is where life really is. He has gone to heaven where everything has no duration. I

    I think that's the reason why the Moon never really feels disappointed or never thought that Sunny left her without any notice...it's the feeling that somehow she knows that Sunny is safe and happy, and it's what prevents her from despairing or feeling disappointed.

    It's what people who truly love feels: even if we could not enjoy the company of the one we love, even if we are not getting something from the person anymore, the mere fact that we love the person prevents us from being disappointed..because if we truly love a person, we care more for the person's happiness than the happiness we would get from the person..

    Do you agree with my beliefs??

    Anyway, your post makes me remember you singing,

    ♫♪♫ Sunny don’t go away, I’m here all alone
    Your Daddy’s a sailor, never comes home,
    Nights are so long, silence goes on,
    I’m feeling so tired and not all that strong.♫♪♫

    Take care dear artistic J♥anna..
    God bless you, for most of the things you post on your blog somehow makes one have visions of heaven :) :)