Thursday, 7 November 2013



Our ideal should always be to strive for what is eternal in art. That which will never die, which will always remain young and close to human hearts.
- Constantin Stanislavsky

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  1. I like that quote!!! :) That is the one difference of being an artist from other professions! :)
    Many people pursue careers in trade, business, and all professions that make them earn lots of money.
    But after centuries, not many people would know what great businessmen in the past did..Not many in the future would know the names of wealthy tradesmen of the past no matter how rich they were.

    But art lives eternally. People in the future would always know the story "Romeo and Juliet," they would always hear and read the name Shakespeare.
    People would always know the Monalisa and the name Leonardo da Vinci.
    People in the future would always have and idea about who were the Beatles and would listen to some of their songs.

    I remember someone once told me "What could you get in writing poems, and reading fantasy stories? They both have nothing to do with reality. You should rather involve yourself into more useful things."
    What he meant by "useful things" might earn him lots of profits but when all's over nobody would ever know about him and his work in future times to come. But artists' works, like the quote said, "will never die... will always remain young and close to human hearts." :) :)