Sunday, 22 September 2013

something a little different

I look out of my flat window and I see rubbish strewn up the alley way, there is washing hanging on the line further up. I must put the soup boiling soon.
The sun is beginning to set now. The seagulls perch on the chimneys, the gold reflecting off their stark white breasts. They mutter to each other. 
The sky is purple almost.

Today I walked to see the sea. I met a man there. He was probably about 70 something. 
He knew everything about this county, he could talk on and on about the waterways which I pretended, with keen nodding eyes, that I understood exactly what he was on about. To be polite, you know.
He made me smile. He wished me well and I, he. 

I walked through the park on my way back here.
 I sat and read a play of Harold Pinter's. Betrayal it was. It was all right. He has a way of setting his dialogue, very quick it is. Lots beneath, through the characters.
 I like the way he does it.
 It just cries out for actor's voices to take them, take the lines and sing them out.
Easy in the mouth.    
Easy in the air.

Funny isn't it? 
How private we all are.
And does one ever really know what another's thoughts are?



  1. We may not know what another's thoughts are... But we may know what another's feelings are :) I think I'm bad in trying to figure out what another feels. Do you have a knack in knowing what another feels, even if not the thoughts? :)

    It was a nice moment with the old man :) Did you ask him lots of questions? :) Are you interested a lot in history? Maybe that man has a lot of history to tell about :)

  2. Very nice thoughts. Thank you.

  3. I'd like to meet you! Could it be possible? I'm in England near Birmingham! I'm a student at Coventry University. If so, just let me know! (

  4. I have to be frank with you Joanna, after seeing your Queen's English video, I must say you have that which few other girl has, a natural, delightful smile and a joyful look. 'tis truly a shame you weren't born across the channel, else I'd have taken you out to the nicest picnic you've ever been to.