Saturday, 21 September 2013


No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting. 

Mary Wortley Montagu


  1. So true, so true!

    I can't even explain why what I read in books is more memorable than what I watch in films or listen to in radios :)

    The week before last was exam week here, and I sighed quite a big sigh last week knowing that I still got high marks despite the fact that I was not able to review for the exams properly because I had had a "book fever." I couldn't help reading C.S. White's "Once and Future King," 2 Narnia books, one Dudley Pope book (Ramage at Trafalgar), and a Shakespeare book (his 154 sonnets) :P

    How about you Joanna, what have you read lately? Do you currently read Rebecca? :)

    1. Well done for getting good marks. Books I've read? Yes just finished Rebecca. Before that Frenchman's creek and Cranford. I know I can't get enough of reading either, you can learn so much. Never stop!

  2. What can you say about Frenchman's Creek? :) If you were Dona, would you escape to France with Aubéry or remain with the husband? :)

    Did the novel having a ship and some sea in it attracted you to read it? :)

    1. That's a jolly difficult question... Of course I would have wanted to go. But the children would have needed me more, perhaps. Life wouldn't be right living with out your mother would it? I expect I would have thought it not final, even though it was. But I would tell myself when... when.. when ...
      I am just trying to read all Du Maurier's books, and my favourite is Rebecca, so different from the rest, it's her writing style, so much more, I don't know, real I guess. I just relate so much with the narrator, she's so present, so believable, so real. I didn't know you knew Du Maurier, when did you read her books?

  3. Actually I haven't read any book from Du Maurier yet. When you mentioned Frenchman's Creek, I merely looked it up on the internet and read its plot. And I like the plot a lot! So now I'm wishing to read it!

    But every time you tell me about a book you read, and if I want to read it too, I always feel so disappointed because I always can't get the book :( :(

    Of course there's no question about the children. Children should have a mother :)

    But what if there were no children--- what's in the French pirate that you would have wanted to go and live with him? :)

    Now, I really feel I want to try Rebecca after you told me about the writing style! I'm always looking for a writing style to adopt or at least to look up to :)