Friday, 20 September 2013

je reviens

The ships sail away under their sky of dew
But my heart is frail, it is frail for you

I wonder if these trials can be borne much more
At night my mind wanders along a lonely distant shore

The stones underfoot glimmer with a vague dancing light
At times I cannot see at all and it sets me all a fright

But oft' I hear you and see you dancing there
I watch you and believe of my bone you do share

I can think of summer haze with lawns set ablaze
The holding hands along blackberry-ied ways

The laughter from the shingle, a beat of music pure
The giddy feet of us running crazed along the shore

Though the ships sail still with mast white and strong
I let the tear go and the silence slip from my tongue

For we are swept along the ever-swirling tide
But we shall ride the waves together, you and I

Because there at your side,
The time, do I bide

Joanna Grace 


  1. What a wonderful poem!!!

    I really love your poems with rhymes! Can I print it and put it on my bedroom wall, along with the other poem "Oh, Inspire Me?" :)

    I like how you always relish the last 2 lines with a touching ending! :) It's the same with the poem "Oh, Inspire Me" :)

    Is "Je reviens" the title of the poem? Why is it in French? Maybe you're studying French? :)

    Is the person you're addressing in the poem your sister? Or is it a friend?

    Dear Joanna, I remember a question that I wanted to ask you long ago, and I've just remember it now.
    About your fondness for the sea, I am wondering whether you're fond of the seashore, or are you fond of the sea ITSELF?
    I remember an e-mail you sent to me, and you described how you're so fond of the sea. But you described things about the seashore like the pebbles, the foams, and other things in the seashore.
    But do you also love the part of the sea far away from the seashore? Do you love it if you're in a ship and wherever you look, you could only see the vast horizon with the sky above and the sea all over---no land? Are you fond of it too, of the sea itself without the seashore?

    And you also told me you were born in the sea. :) Were you born by the seashore, or in a ship in the middle of the sea?

    Sorry for asking lots of questions, but I'm really interested because your life is always so inspiring :)
    That's why I'm planning of writing this story and it depends on you where she's born---by the seashore or in the middle of the sea. And this character that I'm creating also depends on you whether she likes only the seashore part of the sea, or the middle of the sea itself :)

  2. Glad you liked it, my poems always come in a mad rush of emotion or something, so I don't really play around with them for days as most poets do!
    Of course you can print it out.
    I think the title is beautiful in French. I was actually reading the novel Rebecca and Mrs de Winter's boat was also called je reviens and I thought it fitting. It means to return. As you know I don't like to pin point everything I write to a set subject or person and if I did I probably wouldn't say, I like the reader to find her own familiarity within it. But with my family in mind, this was written.
    The sea? All that makes the sea I adore. That includes the pebbles, sand, foam, smell, the birds and creatures surrounding it and within it. I never thought about it so specifically before, but I couldn't say because I love both. I would like to be out in it more, it would be a dream to have a little sailing boat to catch mackerel and read from wouldn't it on a Sunday afternoon....
    Did I say I was born in the sea? I think I meant in my mothers womb which is a sea of fluid, that's why some of us do love the sea and the motion of it and being in it so much, because it comes back to birth.
    I was born about half and hour from the sea, maybe more, but where I live now I can walk or drive in 10 mins which is wonderful. I never want to be parted from it again.. If I am an hours drive from the sea I feel land locked! I will always return to it.
    Hope that helps and all the best with your writing!

  3. I like your style of writing poems :) I believe that with much thinking and analyzing, the "poetic magic" could disappear. As one put it: "I'm convinced that artistic emotion fades when so much thought and analysis interfere." So your poems are really pure in expressive emotions :) :)

    Have you ever been on a sailing boat? Or have you traveled by ship? :)

    It's so romantic when you wrote that when you're an hour's drive from the sea, you feel land-locked! :)

    I also have this great longing for the sea. I've always felt like those Elves in the Lord of the Rings. When they were in Middle Earth, they always longed for the sea,to go back where they came from: In the Blessed West.
    I feel so much like them, because I never felt home in these islands in the western side of the pacific ocean. It feels like an alien place all my life. I feel like I want to "go back" to the Old World (Europe) because there is where my ancestors came from, so maybe their blood in me longs to go back.
    That's why whenever I came to pass by a seashore, I always get into a high emotion of longing...

    I'd love to catch mackerel and read by a sailing boat too! :) I really wish people still travel by ship, instead of by plane when going abroad, like that in Titanic. It's more social.

    It's so nice that you had your family in your heart while writing the poem :) I always feel so happy whenever you express something that signifies how your family is so close to each other! :)

    Do you still remember the title of the documentary you watched about England being so blessed a nation because of England's Christianity? Is it in Youtube? I would love to watch it! :)

    Thank you for your reply! :)
    I wonder which would you prefer, being on a very big ship like the Titanic where you would not even notice you're at sea because of it being so big, or would you rather be in those small wooden ships like the Caravels and Galleons that Sir Francis Drake sailed into, and you'd feel the rocking motion of the ship? :)

    1. I much prefer little sailing boats. I have been on a sailing boat once, but I would love to do it more. We used to have a little rowing boat when we lived on the farm and it was so lovely to row on the lake. I love the motion of the water and to let your finger tips smooth the surface, it's so soft. You don't think it would be, but it is.
      Sorry I don't remember the name of youtube videos. So annoying, im sorry!

  4. It's so nice when you wrote that you don't think it would be so soft, but it was :) :) I think that's the wonder of nature, we could not know its full wonder until we explore it :) :)
    Have you ever experience other things like that in nature? When you didn't quite expect that something in nature was actually more wonderful than you expected? :)

    Was your farm near a seashore too? You've got a "wonderland" there, having moors, lakes, seashores, (and even a river with a cute red bridge) near the places you lived at :)

    Thank you for allowing me to print them! I would unconsciously memorize your poems whenever I read them :) :)

  5. We have so many beautiful memories that time will never erase.The first one was the moment I met you.As I gently kissed your dewy,velvet head I knew it was different from the others.That tousled mop of curls that the sun would change into a halo as you ran through the corn fields.You are now a poet and a woman of many talents,I am so proud that we started this journey together,just you and me. Now you are on your own path and i am like that dad in the film,waiting to catch a glimpse of you and cheering you on.As long as the sun and moon shall endure,I will always love you xxxxx