Sunday, 22 September 2013

I believe it, so I said it.

2 Corinthians 4:13


  1. It's nice that you posted those words because last night I watched a documentary about Martin Luther starting the Reformation, and those words that you posted were similar to what he said at the Diet of Worms when he stood up for what he believed in :)

    It was a great time because there were abuses in the Catholic church then that needed to be corrected, and the reforms brought Protestantism...

    You always told me that we don't need to put divisions among Christians, because the important thing is Jesus :) And I'm glad because here, even though most people are Catholic, I asked questions and they seem to be having Protestant beliefs although they're not aware of it :)

    I asked Catholics here whether they believe that their sins would be forgiven by God even without undergoing a confession, and they all told me that by merely praying directly to God and feeling real remorse about their sins, they believe they could be forgiven. And Catholic priests said that there are less and less people who confess to them :)
    So it seems that the barriers between Catholicism and Protestantism and other things are disappearing and people are focusing more on Jesus, rather than the rituals :)

    1. That is wonderful to hear! Jesus is the reason, for all of it, for all of us.
      Do you go to confession? How often do Catholics go to the priest?

  2. No, I don't go to confession anymore. I no longer believe in it, and I am on the Protestant belief that there is no need for a mediator between the person and God. I believe the person could ask forgiveness directly to God, and God would grant His mercy without the need for a priest in between.

    And I think most Catholics here feel the same as I do, because during a mass, the priest said that there are almost no person going to confession these days. And most Catholic people that I talked to told me that they also believe their sins could be forgiven by praying directly to God. So to answer your question, most Catholics here no longer go to the priest for confession.

    So what you wrote about all this is not religion, but rather a relationship with God is true :)
    Catholics no longer care much about religion's traditions/rituals, and other similar things, but rather concerned more on their personal relationship with God :)