Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Sonnet V

A fickle passion's like to a painting
Which through the course of tedious Time but ebbs:
The wrinkling canvass's face needs restoring
From assailing year's dirty dusts and webs.

The virtue of a sculpture's kindred with
Untruthful love, who could never outlive
The breadth of wearying Time's unending width.
Dishonest Love, statues--- all corrosive.

But True Love and Poetry are both akin.
Both endure, and both, through time grow but strong.
In my poetry, my dear, you're reining Queen
Over hours, days, years--- over all Time's throng!

My Grace, thy fair face, thy virtues divine,
Shall age in my verse as eternal wine.

                                                                            - The Knight of Hillsborough 


  1. Thank you for putting this on your blog!

    I thought that your beauty and good characters are so wonderful that artists of the world should give you tribute by making you object of their arts.

    But I could not paint nor sculpt...and I could write only some lines that are never good enough. But I hope that my poems which are my tribute to your beauty and good characters are not too bad.

    But I think that all the world's painters, sculptors, poets---all kinds of artists are inferior in artistry compared to God.

    God is the greatest artist of all. If the universe is the result of His creative artistry, then I believe that humans are the most artistic of all physical beings He created!

    Yes, trees, rivers, all of nature are very artful and wonderful, but I still believe that humans are God's best art. Humans are beings where He could preserve Love :)

    And thinking of you, dearest Joanna, I feel I have found God's masterpiece. If humans are God's greatest artwork, among humans, you are God's masterpiece!
    In character and in beauty, you really are!
    You are filled with so many virtuous characters, and your beauty is so radiant! And you are so much filled with love..
    You are just small, but you are God's Masterpiece, it's no wonder He fills you with so much love!

    I know no one else who writes so much, thinks so much, and desires so much love! God has filled you with so much love, and He made your heart so big that no matter how much love you have, you still look and look for it :) :)

    Dear Joanna, you are God's Masterpiece in character, in beauty, and in love. :)

    1. Bless you dear one! We are all God's masterpiece, each of us plays a significant part.
      I will continue to try my hardest to serve and bless others with my gifts.

      God bless you and keep you in his unending love!

  2. Well, there could not be many masterpieces. There could only be one. And I believe that the essence of God's masterpiece is she who is so humble despite so many things (talents and beauty) that could otherwise make a person so egoistic and arrogant.

    When you express yourself in writing, I see your great sense of selflessness. You write the words "another" and "others" lots of times, as in:
    "Love--from one human being to ANOTHER" and "let my life be a life for OTHERS" :)

    You always care more for others than yourself---you really are such a fantastic person! :)

    You're so curious and unique. Any other girl could possibly be driven to be arrogant and proud if she would have your talents and beauty. Your being so humble(despite the gifts that God gave you) is what makes you so curiously unique. :) It is quite an achievement to be humble despite all those! I mean, WHO could be so humble when she has such talents and has Joanna's fairness??

    I used to believe that God balances His gifts to a person. If a person is not much of a looker, the person is usually kindhearted. And if a person has great beauty, the person oftentimes is possibly proud and egoistic.

    Now imagine a person who has all---beauty and talents, and selflessness. In that case God didn't balance His gifts, but he gave everything! :) That's why I believe you're God's Masterpiece :)

    You are too radiantly beautiful, but your characters are comparable to that of a saint's.
    God bless you, dear Joanna. Dear Saint :)

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