Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Sonnet II

The windful of waves washing the cliff,
Fiery foams, as if afire, arising.
Oh huge Glorious Glove, for gladness or grief,
Unveils awe in the ocean, overpowering.

Lesser ladies live up to such a tide.
A barren-full of abilities and beauty make them bold.
To haughty heights are heaved their pride,
Towering tall to pomposities untold.

Though torrent-teaming, tides are still tamed,
For swooning sinks their might at the Seashore.
As Lunging-Legions are they no longer named;
Ships ashore are shivering no more.

My dearest darling, you are the Shore in deified state,
Lesser ladies, by your loveliness, do kneel prostrate.

- The Knight of Hillsborough 

1 comment:

  1. Thank you sooOoOoOoo much for featuring it on your blog! :)

    I've written it around the time when you posted on twitter: "We have lingered in the chambers of the sea,By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown,Till human voices wake us,an we drown"

    I knew how much you love the sea, the ocean, the I've thought of writing a sonnet that has the waves and sea in it :)

    The ocean is so powerful, the waves at sea are representation of great might. So I've thought that I must write something that would prove you're even greater than those waves :) :)

    I've finished writing the sonnet for July! I'd send it to you next month! I could tell that your favorite Shakespeare sonnet is sonnet 116, the one with "it is an ever-fixed mark which looks on tempest and is never shaken." So I've written a sonnet which talks of the same theme: The Undying, Unchanging, Unconditional Love! :)
    Oh I'm so excited to know what you'd think of it! :)

    Thank you sooOoOoo much for posting the second sonnet! You're so kind!!! :)