Sunday, 9 June 2013

Hate Religion, but Love Jesus


  1. This is very inspiring!!

    There are many people who criticize me and say why do I go to church every Sunday, but I still seem so sad and bitter and weak... But the statement in this video is inspiring that the church is not a museum for good people, but a hospital for the broken... And that knowing Jesus, I could boast in my weakness...

    2000 years ago, Jesus always put His attention on weak people, the broken ones...

    How about you, dear Joanna, which parts of this video is most inspiring for you? :)

  2. I love all of it. 'When he was dangling on that cross he thought of you.'
    'The problem with Religion is it never gets to he core, just behaviour modification like a long list of chores.'
    'If grace is water than the church should be an ocean.'
    'Jesus and religion are on opposites spectrum, ones the work of God, the other's a man made invention.'

    I love all of it. It's so beautiful and yet so simple! I wish people could watch it when they don't quite understand the difference between religion and Jesus.

  3. You really are a person who does not only see, but also feels the essence of the Love of God! That video reminds me of one of your posts about "Religion or Relationship?" :)

    Indeed, people should watch that video so that they'd know the difference, and they know the essence of God's Love which is free.
    Most people I know who want to have no religion feel that having religion makes them somewhat "imprisoned" and "has to follow lots of rules." They want to be atheists because they would feel "more free." But what they MUST know is the fact that with Jesus, they are even more free than being atheists!

    There was a historical person who stated: "People can live without God, but not without religion."
    I defy that statement!
    It's rather:
    "People can live without religion, but not without God."