Sunday, 21 April 2013


How could I have lived all that time without realising that everything in the world has a voice and speaks?

Not just the things that are supposed to speak, but the others, like the gate, the walls of the houses, the shade of trees, the sand, and the silence.

-Lusseyran,(And There Was Light.)


  1. I like your poetic heart so much! :) Oh how you could think of posting these poetic thoughts! :)

    These things that are "not supposed to speak" speak to us when we feel something for them :)

    I feel a gate of some house "speaking" to me when it needs repairing..the walls when they need painting, and the silence at night when I feel that they require not to be disturbed.. :)

    And most especially, those trees when I feel their need to be away from the pollution and the never-ending construction of new gray buildings...

    What do you feel Nature tells you whenever she "speaks" to you? :)

    1. An interesting question... It's different every time. But most of the time, I hear God's gentle whisper through her. I am always made aware of my creator. Sometimes I cry because I see things so delicately formed and it touches me beyond compare. Other times I just want to shout out at the top of my lungs and proclaim the beauty before me. And other times I just sit and feel contented.
      It's wonderful isn't it? Nature and finding who you truly are made to be away from the hustle and bustle of egotism and pride.

    2. Oh how poetic you are! The words you tell me mostly are worth a poem! Are you even aware that your messages are themselves poetry??
      Things so delicately formed that they touch you beyond compare, you cry.. ♥ :) I recently had a similar experience. Sunday before last, I sat some civil service exam, and it was in a generally rural place… When I was in the bus going home, I was about to drink water from a bottle and I froze just when I opened my mouth to drink on the bottle and I stayed like that for I didn’t know how long… Through the window the trees suddenly disappeared to reveal the magnificent green mountain in the sharpest resolution that I’ve ever seen it…and I came to my senses when I heard a of the passengers laughed at me who holds a bottle halfway to a frozen open mouth… then I looked around and everybody in the bus were having their own businesses---how could they ignore the stunning view of what nature has to offer at those moments??? But when we finally came to the city, they started peeping out of the window a lot, gazing at some mall here and some hotel there :(

      So it seems that when you’re with nature, she brings out the best in you :) I believe that every person, no matter how bad, has that goodness deep in their heart of hearts. So it may be that it could be dug out when they experience nature… But you, who is not only having great goodness in your heart, but is also naturally good---nature magnifies what’s so good in you when you’re with her :) :)

    3. What a wonderful experience you had on the bus. It is times like those, when others are ignorant, that I find most inspiring. When you realise that at that moment in time when it is only you who can truly 'see into the life of things' it opens your soul to be more radiant, more bold than ever before. Those around you are missing out on the beauty of life.
      I believe my childhood really did help 'set me up' for life but then I it all became clear when I was 17, when nature was suddenly blooming and I realised that before then, I had missed beauty under my focal's of ignorant, yet blissful childishness. I think you have to reach a point where you say, yes I am different and that is good, wonderful, or you continue in the way everyone else is going out of fear or ignorance.

      Bless you Ramon. One day you shall dwell where your heart does flee to!

  2. Please tell me what special really happened when you were 17 when nature was all blooming and you were changed :) Was the spring of 2010 more blooming than the other past 16 springs of your life? :) I'm sure it is yet another very inspiring story! :) :) ♥

    We are so kindred spirits!!! I also admire a person even if the person actually does not have very special skills or talents, but merely daring to be different is already a great achievement :) Whenever people think that I am a little too different and weird, I always say that I would never ever want to be ordinary, because it feels like being a piece of blank paper, with nothing in it...being different and perceiving things differently is what puts color and writings in one's life :)

    But my heart actually flees to the land on earth which I believe God has created closest to heaven's beauty :) That's the land that has inspired so many fictional lands in literature: The basis for Narnia, The Shire, and many others too like Wonderland and Neverland :) :)

    Bless you too! God bless you Joanna for your encouraging words!

    1. It was very significant because it was suddenly all opened up to me: the trees were everything, the way they looked and felt, the smells of spring, the butterflies. I think half to cause it was my English classes they were expanding my mind. It was like the very sudden change from child to adult. Many people grow over time to the truth of nature, but for me it happened very drastically over a period of months. Everything was new and glorious and so I considered it the prime of my life- the coming into the prime. I think you can choose to stay in the prime for as long as you appreciate and cherish the beauty around you.

  3. Even events in your life are themselves Romantic!!! :) I love such dramatic events. Usually a combination of many things and through a gradual passing of time, one is changed.

    But I just appreciate it when a person changes suddenly because of one event :) (I myself have had such events). And I love what you wrote about one can choose being in prime for as long as one appreciates and cherish the beauty :)
    Sometimes I feel disappointed of the "lightning" events, in which a person reaches a certain prime, but just like a lightning, disappears as fast as it appeared.

    I like how you are more preserving and has the tendency for things that are lasting :) You could be a white rose who stays more fragrant and more blooming than any other roses :)

    But please tell me, for I am very curious, what were in those English classes that helped you in your inspired blooming when you were 17?? I'm so glad of your education!
    Was it the time when you were already in school and no longer home schooling? Please, what were in those English classes? :)