Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sonnet to the River Otter

Dear native Brook! wild Streamlet of the West!
How many various-fated years have past,
What happy and what mournful hours, since last
I skimm'd the smooth thin stone along thy breast,

Numbering its light leaps! yet so deep imprest
Sink the sweet scenes of childhood, that mine eyes
I never shut amid the sunny ray,
But straight with all their tints thy waters rise,

Thy crossing plank, thy marge with willows grey,
And bedded sand that vein'd with various dyes
Gleam'd through thy bright transparence! On my way,
Visions of Childhood! oft have ye beguil'd

Lone manhood's cares, yet waking fondest sighs:
Ah! that once more I were a careless Child!

Samuel Taylor Coleridge


  1. Is this a photo from the internet, or is this a photo you've taken near your Little red Bridge? :)

    1. This is a picture taken my me of my (dare I call such beauty mine?) River Otter.

  2. First there was y o u r Little Red Bridge, and now there is y o u r River Otter :)

    The Red Bridge and the river, I'm sure, are very glad to feel a sense of belonging to you! :)

    Oh I remember the look on your face in your cover of "The Town I Loved so Well!" :) You might have been thinking of the Red Bridge and the River Otter while singing! :) :)