Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Sign to Change

Hello everyone,
I have started a petition, 
please will you support me and sign it to take action against the objectification of women.

The Cedar Wood State clothing designer, Primark: Stop the explicit/ pornographic images of women on men's tee shirts.

Thank you!


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  2. I have instantly signed your petition the moment I've read about it :)

    I also used Facebook to further the cause, and I hope that those 13 friends would all sign too :)

    I admire you so much! You're a girl who is busying herself with important things, things that matter, and yet many people are blind to it... I'm so glad for all your efforts!
    God bless you so much!

  3. While I find those t-shirts tasteless and immoral, the problem is people buying them; not the company printing them. I am not going to sign this petition. The best petition for this company is their semester market sheets and thus you should boycott their products.

  4. I believe - not sure - it was Martin Luther King who said that you cannot fight darkness but all you can do is to bring in light !

    I'll share with you this anecdote of a dear friend of mine who was a missionary priest in Africa.
    He had to deal with many children and adults as well who tend to rely on magic as a response to their pains and sufferings...
    For a very long time, he has tried to convince them how absurd it was but always got the same answer : as a white man, you cannot get it !

    After a while, he decided that it was no use handling with that and kept focused on exposing them to all kind of Beauty he could imagine, find or be provided with.

    he was convinced he had to capture and hold their interest, and provoke an unbridled hunger for Grace. And It worked far beyond his greatest expectations.

    Would your petition be a bit out of line in your blog ? It makes me remember him very fondly and remain convinced that the appropriate solution to what you fight against is to make people who glare at the ugly shift towards the Beauty.

    Your blog is full of Beauty. Be sure it's an active cure on its own !