Saturday, 16 March 2013


"It is a momentous disaster indeed, to be ignorant when it comes to gender."

- Joanna Grace


  1. You wrote in your comment "It is very sad to find so many that fleet away from the term 'feminist' just because of hyperbolic extremists. "

    You're right. It is caused by the lack of understanding for what the term "feminist" truly means.

    People should know that a feminist is not someone who wants women to be treated like princesses, queens, empresses..but rather, a feminist is someone who wants women to be treated and have EQUAL rights and opportunities as men!

    There are also some men who are annoyed of feminism even though they don't even bother to find out what precisely a feminist group wants. They just get annoyed simply because they feel feminists are "too whiny." I hate it when men are like that.

    It could be compared to the annoyance of a husband or a boyfriend, for instance, seeing his wife or girlfriend almost frequently in tears. I really hate men when they feel irritated to such behavior of women! Aren't they supposed to feel compassion, to comfort them, to make them feel good and that everything will be alright----just as Jesus had done, and had felt, when seeing weeping women!

  2. I actually didn't get the comparison in the last paragraph... What a "wife or girlfriend frequently in tears" has to do with feminism?
    Society it not comaparable to couple dynamics, where if a woman doesn't feel good in a relationship, she can break up, whereas if a woman doesn't feel good in society she just cannot escape, but at least she tries to change it.