Thursday, 7 March 2013

Mary and Martha

Last night I watched a film that was delicately hand-crafted into beauty. It had me sobbing like a baby.
This wonderful film by Richard Curtis is, 'Mary and Martha'. A story about two women from two very different worlds, who are brought together by a great loss. 

Released two weeks before Red Nose Day in an attempt to raise awareness to the thousands of preventable deaths every year in Africa caused by malaria. 
Malaria is a disease that can be cured in our lifetime! 
This film not only exposes the truths of what is going on out there, it also makes a stand against the selfishness and ignorance of the western world. 
These two mothers do something. 
They change the world. 
You can to. 
Donate today to Red Nose Day and please watch the film!



  1. What do you mean by the "selfishness and ignorance" of the Western world??

    In my opinion, the Western world is not to be blamed all the time.. There are cases when the poor countries are to be blamed for the cause of their own poverty... I'll make the Philippines as an example:

    The Philippines is a very poor country, so it needs help from the richer Western countries. A few years ago, Australia donated tons and tons of fertilizers to the Philippines, so that the Filipinos could use them for improving the agriculture... BUT the government officials here are the champions of corruption. they didn't use the fertilizers for agriculture. Only a quarter of the fertilizers from Australia reached the poor farmers. The bulk of the fertilizers were in some ways sold and turned into money and those millions of millions of money were divided by the rich government officials among themselves---while the majority of the Filipino population (especially the farmers) are were struggling against poverty.

    It happens all the time :( Whenever Western nations would donate something, the government officials are too good in doing magic, so that they could somehow turn the donations into money that they could divide among themselves, without the poor people knowing much about it :( ..

    So the same corruption may be happening in Africa too... Some Asian countries even express the thought that during the time of European colonization, their economies were more organized, and now that they are free from foreign rule, they are not free from their own corrupt countrymen who rule their government :(

    What can you say about what I've told you?

    1. The Western world should be blamed. That is terrible about what the Philippines did with the money that was given them. But it isn't the country that is in the wrong it is the leaders of the country. They should be serving the country and position that they are in with care, concern and love. I blame a lot of issues on the western world, just because so many of us are ignorant to any other lifestyle's other than our own and that so many are selfish and cannot see past their own noses.
      It is the sin in the world that makes it bad, but we cannot forget that though the wages for sin may be death, the gift of God is eternal salvation. We know there is a better world coming.

    2. How are the leaders to be blamed? Did the leaders elect themselves? The people are ok with this because most "third-world" countries are not run like what we call western democracies. They are run like corruptocracies and the people living there want this to stay - despite what they say in documentaries -. They are all in this together.

      Documentaries are like an advertisement to them. They just show the same dying children images and stuff. We have a joke around here that goes like this?
      - What's the national economy of African countries?
      > Hanging banners of dying children in European capitals...

      However sad this might sound, it's not far from what is actually going on. The west has been giving them billions in private donations every year and over the past 50 years our governments have donated several dozens of billions of dollars of our public funds. Additionally, we are providing them with advances in technology, medicine, science, society, teaching and anything you could really imagine to help them advance. The west is not to blame for this. It's them being backwards, not us not caring.

      Unless of course you suggest that another Iraqi-Liberation-like mission should be started all over Africa to help them. And we can all see how all the Iraqi-liberation thing went. Nato withdrew. Corruptocracy is back in full swing. The supposed oil the west would get was bought by Russians. So all the allies got out of this was another tril dollar debt.

    3. The leaders should take responsibility, they did get themselves where they are today- that being said no one is perfect. Perhaps the third-world countries may sometimes not handle the issues right, but is that because their leaders are neglecting their own people?
      Westerner's have forced their culture, conventions and rules of living on countries in the past and as a result the natives have been dictated to under the power of 'those who hold the money and power'. I know not all of it is like that now and there are many wonderful charities, but they must always be careful to recognise when it is over powering and when it is needed.

      I give my opinion as a human being living in Britain, where around me I see the ignorance of so many. Perhaps from where you are it is not so bad, but just in the materialism of this place, I cannot help but see the injustice of what is being done.

      And thousands of children are dying. You don't have to watch advertising to know that, even in this country there is death, there is domestic violence, there is injustice.

      We should never neglect our sisters and brothers. We are all after all, called to freedom!

  2. Hopefully there is a better world coming...

    You wrote that it isn't the country that is to be blamed, but the leaders of the country. .. But like I said in my previous comment, here in the Philippines even if a politician is a naturally good and virtuous man, once he got the feel of power and comfort in the government, especially the corrupt influence of his fellow politicians around him, he inevitably turn corrupt. I could not think of a politician here who didn't turn corrupt---except those who are not rich. And such politicians are not influential---the corrupt ones only reserve the real opportunity for power to those who are fellow corrupts. :(

    So it isn't the leaders to be blamed---no matter how kind a leader is here, the culture of corruption corrupts him. So it's the culture to be blamed. It is very difficult to turn away from tried-and-tested culture, especially if it makes one's life prestigious and prosperous :( :(

    You also wrote that Westerners have forced their culture, conventions and rules of living on the countries in the past. But such countries (immigrants coming from them) are also forcing their own culture, conventions, and rules of living in the West... As one Swedish wrote:

    "We no longer have our graduations in church because Muslims get mad since they aren't Christian's, we can't even sing our own anthem at graduation nor raise the Swedish flag at such times - which were traditions before the Muslims started moving here."

    So it's the same. The Westerners did it to the East in the past, the Easterners do it to do West in the present. The main difference, though, is that the Easterners in the past (despite the harsh rule of Westerners) benefited from the technology, and innovative ways of life from the West. While the Westerners in the present do not gain any benefit when the Eastern immigrants are forcing their ways of life.

    Anyway, I agree with what you wrote that "it's the sin in the world that makes it bad." I don't think it is the East or the West..But it really is the sin in the world that makes things bad...

    I hope that there would come a time when people would put God first, before secular and temporal desires. It is the only way to avoid all these bad, corrupt things...
    Prosperity is the most evil seduction :( Time and again, people have turned against kin, against country, and even against God, just to achieve a more prosperous life :( :(
    Only when people learn how to deny such seduction, could God extend his dominion of heaven on earth...

    I really do hope for the better world that is to come!
    You, who has an ever-firm belief, brings hope...