Thursday, 28 March 2013

fire makes us Sing

Charles Spurgeon's wife was sickly, and it distressed her when she could not be with her husband. One gloomy day, as night drew on, she lay alone in her bedroom asking God why she must be sick in bed when she longed to be helping him. Then something happened...

Suddenly, she heard a soft, sweet sound, like the trill of a robin by the window. 'Surely,' she said, 'no bird can be singing at the window at this time of the year and night.' 
Presently she found the sound came from an oak log that was burning on the hearth. Then she said: 'The fire is bringing out the imprisoned music from the inmost heart of the old oak.'"

And just like P.H Spurgeon, when the fiery trials surround us, we will sing out the most beautiful praise. The song of our lives will pour out of our hearts to reach our heavenly father, the only one who can truly save us in our time of need. There in the fire will he purify us like the most precious gold and carefully mould us into his likeness. We can trust him, because his love is deeper than our souls' knowledge. 

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  1. Thank you sooOoOO much for this wonderful post!

    The fiery trials happened to me in the last 5 years, and this year, I can feel God's purifying and molding me into His likeness ;) Most of the times, a person would only realize that he had had a special year after the year was in the past... But this year is still happening, but I'm already aware how special this year is!

    Thank you so much for all your nice music videos, because whenever I listen to them, especially those of the Dubliner's that you covered and the harp videos, made me think about those childhood days when I was so into God, and now it is coming back again :)

    You have very great talents, and I am lad that God has given you those gifts! You are so special!

    A person's talents could give the person a very expensive car, could give the person a great mansion, could give a big bank account, and all other luxuries and necessities in life ... But remember that all of those things could never give a person talent! That's how specially gifted you are with the talents you have, Joanna! :)

    God bless you, who can change people's lives for the better!