Friday, 15 March 2013

Feminism today

Every single person that dwells in this media saturated world must be educated in media literacy. 
In order to open your eyes, to listen to the world around you, because when you know something- you can change something!

Because it is the inaction and the silence of the good people that is wrong, that is unhealthy, that is unjust. 

You can make a difference to your world and the people in it, if you take time out of the hours in your day and listen to this message.

To support women and girls, to make their voices a priority.


  1. Ok feminists in the 1910s I get it. But feminists in the 2010s? C'm on!

    Do people make you feel like a second class human because of your sex Jo?

    If no then what's the need for feminism?

    The rules in today's society are the complete opposite of a 100 years ago. Women today have more rights and entitlements than men and less obligations. And this is a result of today's feminazism.

  2. Little girl, you need a good spanking.

    I was going to speak to you softly at first but I've had it. You are a hopeless Romantic and a hopeless Feminist! Your malady is incurable!

    Do you want to be treated as a princess?

    Then first watch the youtube video "Requiem for Romanov Children" and learn how a princess behaves.

    I know Grand Duchess Anastasia would be delighted in seeing you getting a good spanking!

    Then for homework, please read a few articles at the following website:

    The Great Sovereign the Tzar's Majesty Nicholas II the Anointed of God rejects your impertinence.

    "Not all the water in the rough rude sea
    Can wash the balm off from an anointed king
    The breath of worldly men cannot depose
    The deputy elected by the Lord."

    Shakespeare, Richard II

    "The 1836 Code of Russian Laws stated, "The woman must obey her husband, reside with him in love, respect, and unlimited obedience, and offer him every pleasantness and affection as the ruler of the household." Husbands determined when their wives traveled, conducted business, studied with tutors (perhaps French or literature, though not in academic terms), or gained employment (extremely rare). Many dictated daily activities, such as deciding when wives could leave the house."

    Everyone says what a good Christian you are!

    But you don't fool me!

    From your youtube channel you say: "As I listen to my creativity I am led to my creator."

    You are indeed a creative person which is very admirable.

    But this is not true Christianity. It is Romanticism.

    Romanticism (Definition): "An artistic and intellectual movement originating in Europe in the late 18th century and characterized by a heightened interest in nature, emphasis on the individual's expression of emotion and imagination, departure from the attitudes and forms of classicism, and rebellion against established social rules and conventions."

    You are a rebel against all established social order!

  3. I cannot believe that the 2 first comments were a kind of overreaction!

    "Do people make you feel like a second class human because of your sex Jo?"
    I think it is okay for anyone to express opinions as long as it does not hurt anyone...

    And the comment from John is ...excuse me, but a little rude:(
    What's up with the "incurable malady" and the "spanking?" :(

    She is just expressing her ideas without any intention to be offensive to anyone!...

    Anyway, I totally agree with your views about women, Joanna..
    I even want to go further... Do you remember my message to you about my desire for men to be completely devoted and committed to women, like the knights of the Middle Ages to their Ladies? But you told me that it shouldn't be that way...that everyone should be equal, that no sex should be above the other, because we all need each other.
    I agree with you on that about being equal and one sex not being above the other...
    But most of the times, I still can't help feeling that men should be doing the will of women, of being so devoted to them and so committed.. You may wonder why I think this way?

    It's because I'm living in a country which is not a part of the Western World, and I am in a way "traumatized" by what I see here. In the Western World women may be in a more comfortable situation, but not here...
    Here, the culture is still that of the men being so much above women...
    Of course there are laws here protecting women from their husbands' violence, but there are many women here who never make a stand, never make the authorities know about their husbands' beatings... It's because most women here, especially the poverty-stricken ones, the less educated ones, are still under the belief that it is men's "prerogative" to be dominant over women. Most women here respect that fact. So many women here are in some ways "willing" to be in their situation...

    Even for boyfriends and girlfriends here, there is always the mutual understanding that the boy's dominance should be respected. That's why if there is a boy here who is mostly following whatever her girlfriend wants, the girl would usually lose interest in the boy because for most people here, such a boy is "not man enough." :(

    So those are the reason why I feel that men should rather be completely devoted and committed to women.. The culture here about the men being mutually and instantly recognized as always being dominant over women disgusts me.
    I would never have anything against women! For me, the greatest crime is disrespecting women, dominating women... I don't want women to be disrespected not because they are "weak" and should be protected---no, I don't think women are weak! Not at all! The reason why I never want women to be dominated by men is, like I've told you before, that I feel women are like nature. Nature is something so beautiful and should be respected. Humans could enjoy nature, but humans should never dominate nature, should never abuse nature. Nature is sacred, and so are women.

    I feel so sad because whenever there is an argument between males and females about feminism (we had had lots of such class arguments in high school) I always find myself to be the only male on the side of feminism! :( Why can't there be any other male who would be willing to join in the cause of promoting advances for women? :(
    I remember there was one class argument that took too long to start because I insisted that I would argue on the girls' side, but the teacher and my male classmates didn't agree. The teacher said :"You're a male, so you should argue on the male's side!"
    But I couldn't bear the ridiculous thought of arguing for the ideas that I was against! So when it became clear that they would not have my way of arguing for the girls, I just sat beside the male classmates and kept silent all the time... :(

  4. First of all I was so shocked when I read the two comments by mk and john that I could barely take it in!
    I can't believe that before my own eyes, there are men that read my blog that are blinded by patriarchy.
    That there are people opposed to the paramount issue of making women's voices heard, something that is vital to my purpose upon this earth.

    I posted a blog about media, how utterly important it seems to be in our society today. The documentary that I posted was about exposing what the media is influencing upon our culture as men and women. When you watch that documentary, I am sure you will not be able to deny all that it shows you. When you are educated in media literary you may begin to understand. As it stands now, you are totally ignorant to half of the population of the earth!

    First of all mk you said there is no need for feminism today.
    The dictionary defines feminism as: The advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

    You honestly think that the entire world in every religion, race and culture supports this statement? That is acted upon it? That there is no case whatsoever where women are being treated as inferior to men? As unequal?

    Here is a very short clip from the U.K's news report- Britain- a very sophisticated and leading country so every one thinks-

    Now think of all the third-world countries where women are trafficked as slaves for sex. You may not know about it because it is a secret act- but it's time you started learning.

    Here is an example of extreme anti feminism.
    In Saudi Arabia women's rights are defined by Islam and tribal customs.
    Cannot be without a male guardian(despite age)
    Cannot vote or be elected to political positions,
    Cannot drive a vehicle,
    Cannot reveal any part of their bodies,
    Cannot stand in close proxemics to men,
    Are not expected to work,
    Receive less education than men,
    Are discouraged from using public transport,
    Forced into arranged marriages which is a contract between the father and husband-to-be,
    If a divorce takes place the children will be given to the father once they reach the age of seven,
    Girls only receive half as much of the inheritance of the brother, There is no prohibition against spousal rape,
    The rape victim is often punished.

    Here are the commonly given reasons for the prohibition on women driving include:
    Driving a car involves uncovering the face.
    Driving a car may lead women to go out of the house more often.
    Driving a car may lead women to have interaction with non-mahram males, for example at traffic accidents.
    Women driving cars may lead to overcrowding the streets and many young men may be deprived of the opportunity to drive.
    Driving would be the first step in an erosion of traditional values, such as gender segregation.

    John you want to know what happens to women in Saudi Arabia?:In 2009, the Saudi Gazette reported that a 23-year-old unmarried woman was sentenced to one year in prison and 100 lashes for adultery. She had been gang-raped, become pregnant, and tried unsuccessfully to abort the fetus. The flogging was postponed until after the delivery.'

    And here is something that might interest you about Russia-

    'The government's own figures estimate 14,000 women die each year from domestic violence. That's the death of one woman at the hands of her husband or partner every hour. It's more than 10 times the number of deaths in the United States, which has twice Russia's population.'

    Do your homework!!!

    (continued in comment below)

    1. I'm sorry princess but... do you think that it's just women being used for sex labor? I' m not saying they are not the 90% but let's be honest. Sexual exploitation is not relevant to feminism. It's an entirely different issue.

      Feminism is about gender equality. Taking up other issues is just board staff of feminist groups not letting go of their comfy sits. Pretty much like NATO that should have closed with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, feminism is just another old dinosaur that won't let go into its coffin.

      But I see you jump to the conclusion that Saudi Arabian women suffer from this injustice and dislike their customs, traditions and status in their society. Alright. Then next time you go to the Londonous international cesspit please take a look around and tell me how many Saudi Arabi women immigrants you will find. Probably none. Or maybe you'll meet some at Harrod's emptying the shelves...

      Last time you answered to one of my comments (in Mary and Martha) you were talking about how the West "have forced their culture, conventions and rules of living on countries in the past and as a result the natives have been dictated to under the power of 'those who hold the money and power'" and of course Western countries owe them somehow. How is this not force westernizing Saudi Arabia where this has been going on since Muhammad "blessed" that land with his marvelous teachings?

      See a movement must have a purpose and when that purpose is done it should peacefully dissolve. Today's feminists are not for equality. They are female supremacists and all recent laws they have been pushing for have been putting women at a favorable place towards men instead of an equal place. Just look up last 20 years'

      1) divorce laws > women get everything + the children + support
      2) employment laws > employment + place advancement for women
      3) crime laws > women always get favorable treatment
      4) education > gender quotas

      The list can go on but to me it's pretty clear the feminists' agenda is pretty much like the anti-racist's agenda. They are promoting women over men as the others are promoting minorities' rights over the natives'.

      As for your Russia link, I would look up who pays "Radio Free Europe's" bills before believing anything it writes. It's just a station built up by the US government designed to bash Russia. You can read RT to see a Russian station bashing the USA. Much of what they say are non-issues or non-existent issues written in a way to make them look important... If 14,000 is a government statistic this translates to 14,000 men in prison for murder which means that the issue is resolved. The law is there and people will be accustomed to it and stop beating their women to death over the next 20 years.

  5. How dare you speak of me as not being a Christian because I speak out for half the population, because I fight against the evil in this world toward women.
    And how dare you for one minute taint Jesus Christ in your misogynistic, cynical, and entrenched prejudice against human gender.
    Jesus was the founder of equality, when he spoke to the woman at the well and saved her and she then saved all the lives of her village.
    Jesus said to Mary Magdalene when she poured the perfume upon his feet and the men scolded her, Jesus said: 'Leave her alone. Why do you trouble her? She has done a beautiful thing to me.' - Mark 14:3-9

    Did you know that Jesus was a feminist? Now you laugh at me, but maybe one day you will have the intelligence to realise who Jesus was and why he came to this earth.

    It is really very simple you know?

    He came to set us free from the dictates of sin. Sin that kills, destroys, abuses,ensnares, crushes, abandons, hurts, and overwhelms. Have a read of this-
    (guaranteed to help you along your way in life)

    mk you asked if I was treated like a second class human being because of my sex, the answer is yes.
    I know people often neglect my mind, my talents, my skills, my character and only comment on the way I look.
    Women are seen as sex symbols more now than ever before because of the media. Young girls are racked with eating disorders because of the pressure to be skinny, to look like a 'perfect woman' to look like those in magazines.
    Men's expectation rises to these images and models that are not even human, they have been manipulated by technology. So yes, if I just step outside my door and walk down the street, I will see posters on the sides of buses with women in lingerie, all their breasts showing, their legs and stomachs, all there for the male eye to consume and objectify, and for women to feel the pressure to aspire to resemble. There are posters and advertising, there are millions of films that depict women as the prize of men's lusts. We are treated like this in our countries and we have all gotten to used to it, it seems perfectly normal!

    I don't care what the world says in retaliation to my fight against inequality, but I am not alone. Many stand with me. Ramon you are one of those. We will not be crushed, we will overcome.

    I have said all I need to,though I could go on and on. But if you still can't take any of the information that I have just given you and see it as viable than I am very sorry for you. I am sorry because you may never be able to understand and that would be absolutely terrible for you and all those around you.

    It is a momentous disaster indeed, to be ignorant when it comes to gender.

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  6. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I am so sorry to read some of those comments denying inequality of genders. Of course it may have many facets, depending on countries, religions and cultures, yet we all shall admit men and women are quite far from being equals, in terms of opportunities, work and life ethics, social habits.

    Without going so far to middle east, where women condition is devastating indeed, right here in our modern Europe we cannot ignore how women's potential is totally canceled by sexism and ignorance. Just take a look at youtube comments, right below every single video showing a pretty girl trying to promote her passions and not her body.

    I personally know a friend of mine who cannot find a job, because of her unlucky appearence, though she is one of the smartest and best prepared engineer I know. Do you think a girl shall be pretty to find a job where she is the best at? On the other side I know many pretty girls who miraculously find themselves in top position, not because of their ability, but their body. I am really sorry to see how distorted is meritocracy when it comes to women. And I am not talking about Africa or Arabia, I am talking about France, Italy and Germany.

    I really appreciate the effort Joanna is making in this blog, for there are too few girls like her. Even if I cannot find time to reply to her posts I always welcome and support her ideas and words.

    And I support her here too!

    Kind Regards,


  7. It is sad that most girls these days feel more satisfied when they are complimented about their appearance rather than their ideas, skills, talents and character... I think it is vain.
    I'm really glad to be talking to someone who is not glorying on outside appearances!

    I wonder if you know male feminists? I hope that I am not alone...And please tell me what you know about Jesus being a feminist!

    1. Thank you Ramon I appreciate your input and so do the people without a voice just yet.
      I do know male feminists, though there should be a great deal more from both sexes, I have realised it is from lack of understanding over what the term 'feminist' means. It should be taught from a young age in schools- basic standards on how girls and boys operate in the world, in the society, how women should value themselves and how men should respect them. It is very sad to find so many that fleet away from the term 'feminist' just because of hyperbolic extremists.

      As for Jesus being a feminist, it is very easy to see this, he helped the needy, he respected and appreciated women, they followed him even more devotedly than the male disciples- they went to his tomb, they did not give up, and as a result the first person Jesus appeared to when he was raised to life was Mary. He knew how much she loved him and she was told by him to tell the world he had risen! It is a great shame indeed to think that some churches do not allow women to preach!!

      Have a read of this blog-

      God bless you Ramon!

  8. Thank you so much Joanna for that link that you sent to me!!!

    It is very touching to know that Jesus revealed His mission, His being, specially to women!

    Jesus, right from the very start desired the equality of women with men. But it is very sad to think that in the centuries that followed, the Christians failed to see His purpose on women, and so for many centuries women were not being treated the way Jesus treated them...and even these days men still fail to see that the equality of women with men is a very very very crucial and emphasized part of His teachings!

    I would sooOooOO much love to read the book "Jesus Was a Feminist!" I hope I could find it!
    ...Before writing to you this reply, I have already shared the link you sent to me to many people on Facebook! I hope that they'd see how Jesus had so much emphasized the equality of women with men, and that for 2,000 years, Christians have failed to realize such emphasis---it's about time that people follow His acts!

  9. To Jesus, everybody is equal. Mind the story of the cheating woman. Who is without sin, throws the first stone. (this has become an actual saying in my language.

    Please Joanna, don't mind these sad people. John (not without a sense of irony) Is clearly from the medieval. Though i cannot believe even then men would be so annoying. Thing is, and i really mean this, we are all people. Our species defines itself by being masculine and feminine. So if you are rude to someone because of its gender. You are rude to mankind as a species and rude to yourself as well. If you don't see a woman as your equal, how can you still respect yourself? We are all the same.

    I hope you don't feel bitter about men or about people in general. There are plenty of nice people out there. Some people are just stupit. They think that they are clever by googling up some statistics. But they so aren't.

  10. Though their presentation does not always win my aproval.

    In the olden days

    (baas in eigen buik=boss in own belly)


  11. Could give you numerous examples of societal discrimination against men, but because you're a woman, you may not be as aware of them. And yet, I thought that maybe you were, given that you sang so nicely the song, The Universal Soldier. Unless you think those boys really are to blame for being conscripted and dying, or returning maimed, often physically and always emotionally.

    This is changing today. In the past, men's bodies were given as weapons of war; and women's bodies were given as objects for sex. But today, women are not only objects for sex but also at the front lines, in the United States. They have, in a sense, achieved "equality" in some of the more unfortunate aspects of being a man.

    Consider when the patriarchy was truly here. The men drowned on the Titanic, while their wives went off in the lifeboats.

    Can you imagine the women staying on the boats, while their husbands floated away without them?

    Well, today this is changing. I am glad that men are no longer expected by society to die for women, that women aren't first anymore in the lifeboats.

    The animosity created against men today in young women, the sense that you are in a war against men, this is tragic.

    "Feminism has practiced no cruelties." True? Abortion? Partial birth abortion? (The woman feels the baby struggling in her body as it is being dismembered. Is this acceptable?)

    Did you see the studio audience of women laughing in the Sharon Osbourne Talk show? They were laughing for more than 15 minutes about a man whose penis had been cut off by his wife. This was humor for them. You should watch this on youtube. It has changed my perception of women forever.

    Can you imagine a studio audience of men laughing because a woman's breasts were cut off by her angry husband? I can't.

    And what about the "white feather campaign" that women's groups organized to shame men to join the war effort in Britain?

    Women serve less prison time than men for the same crimes. Is that just?

    I am just getting started . . . but this is enough.

    Be careful. When you're young, as you are, you sometimes think you've learned it all.

    I appreciate your singing and accents very much.

    You are right in resisting being made into an object.

    But I am asking you to consider the many ways in which men have always been used by their wives as nothing but tools, as nothing but sources of money.

    If not too shy about these issues, you might consider reading the Angry Harry website, especially his "world famous articles." Or look at A Voice for Men.

    Or girlwriteswhat on youtube.

    It might open your perspective beyond where you already are.

    Bless you

    1. I understand what you are trying to say completely. Please know that my post was for the intention of drawing attention to the injustice to women. That does not mean that I am ignorant in what happens to men in the world. I know that boys are also used in sex trafficking, I know that men also suffer from domestic violence. I know that millions of men have died in the wars and have given their lives for women and children. I know this and I thought I have shown through my writing and singing that I am supportive of humankind, that I love to encourage and inspire and that I want to stop suffering in the world. Just because I made a blog about what is happening to women does not make me hate men! I truly wish people wouldn't judge. I am sorry if I have made you think this. I am always learning that is what makes life so interesting, I am aware and alert. And am always empathetic.
      I am trying my best with the life I have been given.

    2. Returned to your blog, apprehensive, and expecting an angry response, as is the typical reaction I've received, and am pleased to have been proven wrong. I apologize for assuming that you are like most of the women with whom I have discussed these issues. Good for you, and even better for the people whom you'll influence and teach.

      Have a happy Easter.

      I am doing my best, too.