Monday, 28 January 2013

Who needs a Narnia?

Who needs a Narnia, when we have this world?

Who needs a Neverland, when we have nature?

Who needs a shire of Tolkien when we have the ocean bed?

Who needs endless life, when the seasons go on year after year, never failing us?
                                     Who needs walking trees, when we have battling ocean waves?

Who needs a fallen star, when we have the universe to forever gaze?
Who needs a healing potion, when earth's soil cleanses us each morning?
Who needs a magical broom stick, when we have the magical birds who tell us many things if we will listen.

Who needs to escape this earth, when we have our seaside caves and our woodland groves and our hide-away river-bends? 

Who needs more than this beautiful earth?

It is more than enough for you and it is more than enough for me.

-Joanna Grace



  1. Imperfection does not belong to the Earth. But sometimes people need to see it here to dream about something more. The Earth gives us the inspiration for our dreams and this quality of it - the quality of giving the opportunity to dream - is the perfect one.

    You write nice and meaningful poems.

  2. Is that near your university? :)

    1. No that is near where my family live. It is very beautiful, a little haven in the world.

  3. I love these little hidden places! :)
    It's so great that you have somewhere to look forward to visiting every week :) Do you always go home to your family every week without fail? Or are there weekends when you stay in university?

    1. I don't go home every weekend, some times I think I might as well stay on for longer, other times I might not have too much on so I can go back for the weekend! But it is something to look forward to.

  4. I am very happy because you told me that your university life is generally good :) I wonder what are your plans for the coming Easter Holidays?? :)
    And I wonder how people in your place celebrates Easter? :)

    Here people go to church very early in the morning and the pulpous leaves are blessed by the priest..and in some churches (I believe this is one of the many influences of your wonderful country) children are given Easter Eggs in the churchyard :D