Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Voice for Humankind: Malala


  1. She's just a toy for western governments to negotiate with the third worlders. This is not a heart breaking story. This is propaganda.

  2. You linked to a video created by a channel dedicated to spreading atheism, lol. I found this part of their vid interesting as it's quoted often (about Christianity not being a religion)

    BTW, Malala Yousafzai is definitely an inspiration to all people, especially the young girls around the world who are deprived of basic education by controlling men and societies that are still very very behind when it comes to equality.

    The fact that the above poster, MK, would post something so crude and conspiratorial goes to show how low some people can go. This girl has been through absolute hell just to go to school and come back with a vengeance with the message of peace, freedom and education for all.

    Her speech at the United Nations ( was beautiful and powerful. Education is definitely the biggest aspect that will change lives for the better for girls (and boys) in poorer more conservative nations. Extremist groups like the Taliban fear education because they want to keep people ignorant, especially girls, so that they (Taliban) can remain in power and control people.

    Educate people, and they start to demand good things like human rights, equality etc.