Monday, 17 December 2012

Poverty or Freedom


"Poverty is not in the smell, the damp, the dungeon or the spent, 
but it is instead
 the cold and the blunt pound of a heart beating without love; 
there is the freedom, 
but freedom just the same."

- Joanna Grace 


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    Comes close doesn't? These people are together for the money, not because they like eachother...

  3. How strange to get to this blog. Yesterday I didn’t even know you and today I read your poems and I’m impressed. If you want, here you can find the Tom Thumb’s steps I followed: 1) A French course dvd received for Christmas, 2) The feeling of neglecting a little bit the English language (as you may notice in this comment), 3) Lost on YouTube trying to catch the right English pronunciation, 4) Your video on “How to master British accents”, 5) Your channel, 6) Your blog. I was thoughtfully floating between all of those videos about English pronunciation when the sound of your voice, the movement of your mouth, and the passion in your eyes, made me just stop. Your video is the only one I watched from the very first second to the very last. Do you ever get hit by something and you keep that second too long, just because you don’t want to let it flow out like most of the other things? Recently it happened to me a few times: while looking up at the snow-capped peak of the Chaberton mountain from the church in Beaulard; while reading the last words of the book “The wild palms” where Harry, between nothing and pain, he chooses pain just to keep his dear Charlotte alive, at least in his memories; while staring at the coloured lights on my huge Christmas tree, imaged in the mirror; while looking at the picture of Anne and me in Venice, not because of Venice but because of us; and finally while hearing your voice acting 7 different languages, saying more than every other video, and using just senseless words. I have to admit I got hit by your “Poverty or Freedom” in the same way. You published it on December 17th, exactly a year after my first live concert. I write like you, mainly songs I play and sing for my band, and a book too in the last year, titled “Lines of Odd Symmetry”. We share some passions and I would like to know more about you. I know I'm rude and I haven't introduced myself yet: Ciro Borriello.

    1. Wow your travelling to get here seems like quite an adventure! I always find it fascinating to know how people find their way to my blog- what they were first looking for in order to get here. Thank you for your words, if mine mean something to you, than yours do to me.
      I only give what I have been given, and am so contented when I know people do appreciate it in some way.

      And you are in a band and have written a book? That's awesome, it's lovely to meet you Ciro. What kind of music do you make?

      God bless!

    2. Yeah, that's the funny thing about the web, sometimes you don't know where you are going and some nice surprises are always around the corner!

      You say you only give what you have been given. I don't think it's so common, a spirit so generous and helpful with the next. And I admire your faith. I am a Christian too and I grew up in a Christian family, but sometimes I do not dwell enough on the really important things. In this sense some of your words are inspiring.

      Yes, I'm in a band called "mrk". I and the other two guys playing with me were already great friends far before creating the band, and this makes it an even more interesting adventure! Uhm difficult to clearly define our kind of music, I try with alternative indie rock, though my tastes are very broad. You play music and sing too, don't you? How did it start?

      And the book is now at the stage where I let friends and people who can give me a good advice read it, then we'll see! I would let you read something but I have to translate it into English first. By the way, what languages do you speak?

      PS: I hope your 2013 has started well and, using your own words, let "our actions speak of a million words"!

  4. I totally agree with this poem! I have many friends who have these jobs where they have to work overtime, that they no longer have time for themselves. And they're happy about it just because they earn more :P

    I'm more proud of my sister who is rare among my relatives because she didn't marry a rich guy (most of my relatives married rich guys to whom their is I think doubtful).. She married for love, and even though she's having great hardship with a son and a husband, she's happy and free.
    "..Tattered, but freedom just the same" :)

    Have you ever written a romantic love poem? :)
    If you want, I'd show you a poem that I wrote :) But I have no blogs, so maybe I'd just send it to you in some message if you want.. :)

    1. I grow sad thinking of your friends, unfortunately there are plenty with that same mind set in the world, but lets not stop them from putting the beauty back in God's creation.

      Your sister sounds like a wonderful woman who is wise and rich in feeling. She will be blessed by stumbling on her way, as we all do through dreary days.

      I have written a few romantic poems, I would like to read yours too. Perhaps if you added me as a friend on here somehow (I'm not very knowledgeable of blogger really :) that way you could send it?

      God bless you!


  5. "The beauty in God's creation" :) I am so proud of you, because you are the type of person who always sees the good in things :)
    Most people these days are very expectant.. There were many people here who are Christians, but their faith in god was not strong. Some told me that they were not religious because during their days of misery, they asked God desperately for help, and they were not granted such help, so they started losing faith in Him. :(
    So you could imagine how proud am I of you, because you have strong faith: "She will be blessed by stumbling on her way, as we all do through dreary days." :) You never fail to see and believe in the best in things :)

    I'm not a very knowledgeable blogger either :D So I have no idea how we could send private messages here.. But I think we could use the private messaging on YouTube, because I'm that guy who lives in the Philippines (you told me about your mom meeting many Filipino nurses) :) So I'm also the guy who requested "No Cares" :D
    So I'd send you in the message on YouTube the poem that I wrote :)
    How about YOUR romantic love poems? I wish to read therm too! Have you posted some on your blog? Please send me a link to it if you had :) :) :)
    God bless you!


  6. Your words "there is freedom tattered, but freedom all the same" are so beautiful! :)

    You're always so into love! Oh if only you know how many stories and people in real I've heard of about forgetting love once they are offered with great prosperity...

    I believe you are the one who would never exchange being loved and loving just for great wealth, fame, prosperity, and other factors that are irresistible to lesser individuals. :)