Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Life's Artwork

'I realise that theatre is life's artwork and if it touches you, it has worked in changing you.'

-Helen Ruth Burgess


  1. This is why I love your blog so much! Here again is another of the words from your blog that simply echoes my thoughts! :)

    I also believe that theater is life's artwork! Actually, theater is the most realistic, the art form which is closest to real life :)

    In writing novels, the author always have the time to write, if he has written something wrong, he could change it. In sports there is a time-out. In films, the director could say "cut" if the actors mess up. But in the theater, there are no time-outs, the actors should act in real-time, right in front of the audience, and whatever mistakes done could never be changed. It's the mirror of real life :)

    I'm so glad that you chose theater :) :)

    Are they your sisters? That photo is sooOO touching----you have that deep, intense love for each other! :) :)

    1. Thank you Ramon. Yes Theatre is life- it can teach us many things!
      It takes from all we see and translates it into a language we can understand. It can do many things and I am very glad to be studying it too :)

      My sister is on the left, the girl in the middle is a very close friend who is my sister really :)

  2. So your sister is the one who acts nicely in Wives and Daughters :) I think you and your sister are the best actors in those videos! :)

    What was the most unforgettable and your favorite role that you played? :)

    1. In our films? Definitely Edward Rochester in Jane Eyre, I love the book so much and it was a lot of fun playing Mr Rochester, he is quite a character!

  3. I've watched some of the funny videos where you play the role of a man..and I could have mistaken you for one of your male friends if I didn't recognize your face :D You play men's roles quite realistically because when other girls play men's roles, there is always something that betrays them and make it obvious that they're females (mostly it's the way they move) But your acting as a male is flawless! :) You're awesome! :)

    I'd definitely watch your Jane Eyre videos because I'm excited to see Edward Rochester being quite a character :) What's in Mr Rochester's character that you like so much? :)

    But today I think I'm going for Pride and Prejudice (because I love observing your awesome accents in the female roles you play!) I love how you made your accent a little posh in Wives and Daughters :) You are the great Accent Master ever! :)
    I am so mesmerized when I watched your video for Italian and Australian accent. It is quite a feat because...well, when I try to imitate accents, I could only do one accent at a time because I had to get my mind into a "French" mode if I'm imitating French accent, or "American" mode if I'm imitating American accent. But it is just impossible for me to switch modes in mere seconds like you did in the Italian and Australian accent video! (I usually have to concentrate a lot to get my mind into a certain accent mode, or else I would just sound too feeble) .. You're really a legend when it comes to accents!
    You've got countless talents and your personality is filled with arts! :)

    May you continue using the many gifts that God has given you for inspiring people! God bless you! :)

    Ramon :)

    1. Keep getting familiar with the accents, I guess it either comes naturally or it doesn't but you can build it up as much as you can!
      I hope you enjoy Pride and Prejudice, only this was our first big film and the footage is very low quality, though it was a start!
      I think I can be convincing playing a man because its the role I have been playing all my life- when we were little and would dress up as soon as we got back from school, my sisters were always the girls and I was always the boy! I was a very tom-boy-ish girl when I was growing up and still am really, so I find it fun to play the male part! Haaha!
      What do I love about Rochester so much? He is captivating because he isn't really as harsh as he first pretends to be- but is slowly turned by Jane, they complete each other. I love Rochester because he is determined and brave, and loving and emotional and strong, all at the same time!
      You will love it- it is truly one of life's most timeless literary classics- Jane Eyre.

  4. I used to think that actors in movies must have lived in a certain place for a time, so they could do the accent of the place. But your accent videos made me realize that it wasn't actually necessary to live in a place to be able to do the accent! But I will always remain firm in one belief: that people who could do accents are always the people who have lots of sense of humour! :) And it's true, because you can be soOooo funny in the videos! :) You're a magnificent personality :) I'm so glad to know you, so glad! :)

    I love contrasts in personalities! :) It's great that you are a tom-boy-ish girl! :) It makes you even more interesting! :) I like women like Boudicca and Queen Elizabeth I..
    I like women the way Louis XIV of France did---he liked it when a woman is so intellectual, strong in mind, smart, creative, talented--all characteristics that make women grander than men :) :) And I think you have those characteristics :) You're so interesting! :)

    You and the others did a great job in Pride and Prejudice! :) The 2 things I love best are the overwhelmingly lovely landscape! and the acting! :) Who is Beke? Is she one of your sisters? She acted nicely, and also your sister who played the role of a woman and a man :D But I really like your acting a lot! Elizabeth had a very sweetly soothing personality, especially at the scenes in the garden and the scene by the sea! :) Indeed, sweetly soothing, because I couldn't help batting my eye lashes slowly when I stare while she speaks :D :D

    I am going to watch Jane Eyre today!!! I think the way you described Rochester's character made me feel that he has the character of the medieval knight :) The knights in the Middle Ages were expected to be fierce and brave in battles, and also gentle and courteous at court. I think that in the modern world it is rare to find such contrast of personality. I myself have contrasts similar to those of Rochester, but because of it, people think I'm unfathomable, and sometimes even weird :P :P :D
    I am soooO excited how you portrayed Rochester's character, so I'd watch Jane Eyre! :)

    God bless you Joanna, and good luck to all your endeavors! :)

    If you and your sisters get together, do you still dress up like you used to do when you were kids?? :) Maybe there has never been quite a difference between those times when you dressed up when you were kids, and now when you're filming videos for YouTube :D :D :D