Tuesday, 13 November 2012

When Sorrow like Sea Billows Roll


  1. Hi Jo,
    I watched your videos on YOUTUBE for the very first time. They blew me away and made my flesh creeping. You are multi-talented, indeed. Particularly as a German, I had to laugh loudly when you tried to imitate German accent. That was funny, really! Your voice is amazing although sometimes your songs sound a little bit sad. To both, acting and singing, there must be strong feelings, I suppose. You made my day and I shall write a song for you trying BRITISH ENGLISH (since you taught us using "neutral" accent RP).


  2. peace 4 u
    how are u friend
    i hope we know each other more
    I get wings to fly
    Oh, oh ... I'm alive ... Yeah

    When you call on me
    When I hear you breathe
    I get wings to fly
    I feel that I'm alive

    When you look at me
    I can touch the sky
    I know that I'm alive