Saturday, 24 November 2012

What can happen to familiarity?

What happens when something isn't new any more?
Do you forget about it?
When you obtain a new material possession, do you cherish it?
You answer me with a sure nod of the head.
But show me the same possession a year later and it won't be anywhere near you, it may be broken even, damaged, perhaps useless.

So what happens when familiarity wears into things? 
We get bored once the magic 'freshness' has gone.
We feel drained after our desires take us from one thing to the next, never fulfilling us.
We can end up living in a dangerous and brutal circle of chasing the rainbow's perpetual pot of gold.

What about people? 
Can the same notions apply too?

What about the three weeked- married couple?
Why is it that they seem so in love?
Probably because they actually are.
They are infatuated with each other, they can't stop thinking about the other. 
It is a new world, it is exciting, thrilling.
But what about the couple who have been married now for thirty-five years? 
Why don't they hold each other the way the young ones do?
Why don't they look at one another with full and caring eyes as they might once have known?
Because they have grown too familiar and familiarity can lead to disrespect?

Don't let that privilege that has been given you in any way at all, be taken for granted.

So easy, I know for me to say so, so much harder to do and remember to do and be consciously aware to do so too.

But if we can have the endurance and the determination to get to the moon, I'm sure we can begin to train ourselves to never let people get familiar. 
To keep them ever present in our hearts and minds. 
Because they are the most precious presence in our lives.
Don't ever allow them for one hour of the day to think they are not.

'Thank (God) in everything (no matter what the circumstances may be, be thankful and give thanks), for this is the will of God for you (who are) in Christ Jesus' 
- 1 Thessalonians 5:18 


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  2. Why do you always have the same thoughts as I do??? :)

    I'm so glad to have discovered this blog post! You are the first (and maybe only?) person whom I've known to state something about the ever-fresh affection of love!

    Whenever I talk to people and say that the couple who separated didn't love each other, they always don't agree :( They always said "they have been so in love with each other. It's just that after a long time, they got so used and tired of each other. so they needed to move on with life if they could no longer be together."

    But I always say that it was not love, but mere obsession or great affection, but not love. Because the true love is that which never disappears. A person, no matter how used or tired he feels to his wife, he couldn't help but feel that inexplicable but irresistible affection for her. He'd be terribly lonely without her the moment he thinks of their separation, and so he could not bear the thought of separating from his wife.. That is true love....
    I think that those couple who eventually separate had "loved" but not the true Love...

    I remember words that I always tell to people to prevent them from separating, but they think it's funny, so they laugh. but for me, it is something serious.
    I tell them to imagine themselves as vampires or elves who have endless lifespan. Imagine staying and living with one's spouse for eternity.. If there are vampires and elves they are expected to be with their spouses for eternity. but humans are not expected to do it for eternity---only for less than a hundred years (because that's the lifespan of humans).. So what is a hundred years compared to eternity? It is but an insignificant tiny grain of sand compared to eternity. If it is too small, too little, why can't many couples stay with each other for the rest of their lives which is less than a hundred years?

    I think true love is forever, for eternity. That is why it is my opinion that couples who cannot keep each other's relationship (even for just the tiny grain of sand---less than a hundred years) are not truly in love...

    Were you doing some acts of affection with your siblings when you were still small children, and you still do such acts of affection even to this day?? :) Acts of affection that you never get tired of expressing even if you're all grown up now? :)