Thursday, 22 November 2012


You see the same girl making coffee behind the cafe counter.
The same boss telling her to work harder, faster, not make any mistakes this time.
The same woman is running to catch the same bus with the same shopping bags banging against her knees. 
You watch the same man in his same grey beanie and blue zip-up jacket walking his dog past your house when you open your curtains at precisely 7.10 am.
You sit on the same bench in the mall and sip at your same favourite coffee. 

You create stories about these same people in your head.
Each time you see them their stories develop further.
Adding to their chaotic lives.
Adding to the heavy frowns pencilled upon their foreheads.

You slump backwards into the wall and sigh wearily.
You lift a hand to cover your eyes.
You've had enough now. 
Surely you've been here far too long.

When you finally look up, all has changed. 
You realise that each little world that one little human exists in, is apart of your little world that you exist in.  
Yet you have never stepped further into their little world than offering to hold open the door for longer than usual.
Or for smiling a little more than was deemed polite. 

Now a revelation is exposed to you.
You wish you could be a part of that person's life. 
You wish that all humans in this same game of life, should play it together. 
Surely, we all have something in common, you think, we are all of the same breed, we are humans.

You sit up, your eyes flickering intently. 
You imagine all the possibilities that could exist if only it were true of human kind. 

There is a shout in the direction of the counter.
The boss is yelling again at her.
You shake your head heavily. 
You won't. 
She won't.
 We don't. 

You mutter under your breath, that we all like our own space.
That here in this Western World we are raised and approved by society if we keep to the conduct of individual space. 

You must respect. 
You must always respect.

And that same respect is the one thing that makes you sit alone. 
That makes you realise you are lonely. 

You are isolated in a ocean of people.

Because you respect.
Because you are afraid.
Threatened even. 

To walk down the street laughing to yourself.
To sing out into the wind, over the cars.

You can't.

People will look.
They will stare.
They will laugh at you.
That isn't respecting.
That is being weird.
That's not what people do.
That makes you different,

It makes you mad.

Now you have taken it too far.
You have proved them right.

You have stopped to stare back at the staring faces and shouted at them hideously.

'We are all mad, only I am the one who is brave enough to let it be known!' 

- Joanna Grace


  1. Nice poem! I Recognise your observation. Up until a couple of days ago I used to work in a greenhouse together with only people from Poland. I did this for the last two years, after school. All the other Dutch people were constantly telling them to hurry up, and to work quicker. I felt bad about this, but I couldn't really figure out why. It wasn't just my disagreement with the concept of people being rude and unkind to each other. And then it hit me. Like you wrote: 'all people should play it together'. I though we are all humans on this planet. If I were to call you something bad or evil, at the same time I would to this to myself as well. We are all equal. No one is meant to be ruled, oppressed or even commanded by some else. That's why I got friends with my Polish colleagues and learned to speak Polish. By undoing the barrier, and the inequality, you actually set yourself free...

    1. What a beautiful story! Well done you, that's right not one of us should rule another or discriminate, it isn't right. And you learnt Polish? That is awesome, one day soon I should also like to learn that Beautiful language!

      God bless you my friend! :) piękne słowa :)

  2. Well a bit, I can make myself understood. My colleagues learned me some standard lines. Do you think the world ends at 21-12-2012 21th? Its my birthday. Quess what, I'll turn 21! Its hard not to get superstitious...

    1. Do I think the world will end on the 21-12-2012? No. Matthew 24:36 "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." Humans try to decide on everything, they simply cannot believe that there is something they can't understand- well the end of the world is one of those things. We shall never know, we can guess and predict, but only God knows. He holds the world in his hands.

      Have a wonderful 21st! You are officially and adult now :)

    2. That's how I think about it. Our translation saids "the day of the Lord, will be like a thief in the night". So it might be the 21st, just like any other day.

      Its a nice thought that in onther country's there are people believing in Jesus too. I can't imagine secularity is anywhere bigger than here. Especially here in the city where I live. But if you think about it, from Alaska to Argentinia, from South Africa to Siberia. Probably no one has as many friends as we do.

      God bless you too!

  3. I first knew about you when I searched on YouTube for a posh British accent video..and I admit that when I started watching the first video, I thought that you were a very indifferent English girl, who was nationalistic and sends messages only to Europeans..but then, as I watched the whole video,the way you talked and smiled made me realized that you were actually idealistic and open to many nationalities! :)
    And I even became more proud of you when I saw that you actually made Indian accent videos and African accent videos, not for offense, but because you love them :)

    This poem is the essence of you :)

    I often meet people who worship Christ, but they are not good Christians, just good churchmen :P :P
    But in you, I see a believer of Christ and a very good Christian :)
    God Bless you, Joanna! :)