Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Monstrosities of Man

God is in His creation.

He is in the Grass and the River,
The Sky and the Star, 
The Wind and the Snow, 
The Sunshine and the Robin, 
The Horse and the Chestnut Tree.

He is in You and He is in Me.

God's hands have made the Soil upon which you tread,
He has designed the clouds and sculptured the Rocks,
He has painted the Rainbow and drawn the Butterfly's Wings,
With His breath, He has breathed into the Badgers and the Deer and they live and then they die,
But with His Heart He made You and I.

He is alive There, where all Creation looks to Him.
Where Morning and Evening wait for His gentle command.
And There I used to go, 
And There I used to find Him, 
There amongst all Things that were purposed.

Now I cannot go, 
I cannot live There any longer, 
I cannot breathe There any more.

Now I can only seldom visit. 
And here, I am alone.

You tell me He is still There, He is with me, Everywhere.

And then I whisper my reply with the hanging of my Head,

 'There, I dwelt over the Creation of God, Here I endure under the Monstrosities of Man.

- Joanna Grace


  1. How does a heart shine while the images of the worlds are imprinted in its mirror? Or how does it depart to God, while it is chained down by its lusts? Or how does it long to enter The Presence of The Lord, while it is still stained by the impurities of its oblivion? Or how does it aspire to comprehend the intricacies of the secrets, while it has not repented its lapses

    God is not veiled. It is you who are veiled from perceiving Him. For if anything can veil Him, then it could conceal Him, and if He was possible to conceal, then His presence would have been limited, and anything that limits something would subdue it, whereas: "He is the All Powerful over His servants"

    There is a big difference between he who finds by Him, and he who finds Him. Who finds by Him knows the true essences of things, and verifies matters by the origin of their existence. To find Him is from being unable to reach Him. When was He ever absent so He would be found? And when was He ever distant so that signs are needed to lead to Him?

    The whole universe is a darkness, only illuminated by the appearance of God. So whoever saw the universe and did not perceive Him in it, at it, before it, or after it, lacks perception of lights, and for him suns of knowledge were blocked by clouds of impressions and signs.

    How is it imaginable that anything can veil Him, while He has revealed everything? How is it imaginable that anything can veil Him, while He has appeared with everything? How is it imaginable that anything can veil Him, while He has appeared in everything? How is it imaginable that anything can veil Him, while He has appeared for everything? How is it imaginable that anything can veil Him, while He was The Manifest before the existence of everything? How is it imaginable that anything can veil Him, while He is more apparent than everything? How is it imaginable that anything can veil Him, while He is The One and nothing is with Him? How is it imaginable that anything can veil Him, while He is closer to you than everything? How is it imaginable that anything can veil Him, while if it were not for Him, nothing would have existed? O wonder! How does existence appear in nothingness? Or how does the recent and novice compare to Who is The Eternal?

  2. I understand what you are saying and I believe it also. But you must allow me to write poetry! This poem came from the emotion of the fact that in this world, man builds and builds and blocks God, though I know nothing can ever block him, but man thinks he has blocked God anyhow. I was displaying through my poem, the simple beauty of the fact that God is in his creation and it is there that I found him more than anywhere else. More than any other places for me, I found him there in the things he has made. Simply in the country side!

  3. Oh I am so sorry, I really do seems my ending wasn't pasted.
    The above is from the book "the aphorisms" of ibn ataillah al of the major Gnostics of the past. You can google to find the book. I was not disparaging you in any way...the style of his book is written like that.

    The process of gnosis amongst believers in God is usually through first, knowing God through His creation, one then progresses to knowing Him through His Actions, then through his 99 beautiful names, and then through His Essence. Each stage requires lots of spiritual struggling and striving and special knowledge of the path....90 percent of believers die not having even reached the first stage...10 percent are those that take the path, and of this 10 percent only a few ever reach. Ranks in the hereafter are given according the the level one reached in their lifetime.

    I enjoy reading ur writing, you have no inhibitions and possesed of a good soul. Please keep it up:)

  4. Great poem. I friend recently said "God gave us 2 revelations- the Book of the Bible, and the Book of Nature." I thought this was an interesting thought. Keep writing, it's very good. Shalom

  5. Honest. Limpid. And deep. I don't know why it reminded me of a poem by W.B. Yeats called "Adam's Curse".

  6. Indeed, man cannot block God... I had a Christian friend who once turned to atheism because he said that Christianity was a very murky world, that Christians always thought that the world is full of sins and that Christians mostly to "sacrificing" of pleasure just to get the eternal life in he said that he'd be "free" and stopped believing in God...
    But he experienced great hardship in his life, and he had a girlfriend who was religious..and he had to go to church with her even if he didn't want to just to keep her company.. Then he told me that the singing of the choir, and all the images of the colorful glass windows and the Light coming from the roof of the church reminded him of his idle and peaceful and full of laughter childhood days..and he longed for those days, for he was so troubled with the hardship of adulthood... Then he simply found himself going to church again even without his girlfriend, just to see the lights, to listen to the choir..and after many weeks, he was devoted to Him again.. :)

    Your poem is similar to my friend's story :) It's great that you found Him in the fair things He has made---the country side :) And my friend found him in the heavenly singing of the choir, the colorful glass windows, and the Lights from the Church's roof :) :)

    1. That is a stunning story! May I use it for inspiration on a new write up/poem?

      I love how God can be seen in all things so beautiful, it refreshes me heart and makes him so vivid to me.

      God bless you!

  7. Of course you may use it for your poems and other things you want to write! :) I'm so excited to read what you'd write about the story that I shared to you! :)
    I am so happy that the story inspired you :)

    "I love how God can be seen in all things so beautiful, it refreshes me heart and makes him so vivid to me." ....Well, your blog itself is one of those beautiful things! Reading your blog entries on your thoughts about God also refreshes my heart and echoes my thoughts about Him! :) Your blog is a great wonder :)

    I am curious if the photo is in England and if the girl in the photo is you?

    God bless you!

    1. Bless you Ramon. I am so glad I can encourage you through this blog- one thing technology is good for. Everything has the possibility to be positive, but it is something that you have to learn, it isn't easy, but it sure is worth it.

      Yes the photo is of me, in one of my favourite spots in England, the River Dart. So stunning there. That photo was also taken on my 19th birthday.


  8. Yes, it's so great that we can use technology this way :) Some people (like my grandmother) were feeling strange for technology like the internet because there was nothing like this during her youth. So i told her: "Grandma, just imagine technology as magic. Just think of the computer as a crystal ball (or crystal square) which has the power to see other parts of the world and to communicate to other people with their own crystal balls"
    So that made her feel a little comfortable in front of the computer by thinking technology as some form of magic :)

    Actually, I rather believe that technology and magic is the same. It only depends on how a person perceives it. For me, "magic" is those things that we do not have explanation for. And "technology" or "science" is those things that we have explanation for. :) Do you agree with my view? :)

    Is the River Dart in East Devon? :) Is it very near your home? :) Oh, it's so wonderful to have such a magnificent landscape where you live! When I first saw the photo, it was just sooOO captivating that I thought it was an image being used for postcards in England :D But then I noticed that the girl looks like you, so I thought the photo belonged to you :D
    Wow, is being a photographer another of your countless talents? That photo is just so touching! The angle of the tree branches along with the river and the contrast of the bright green grasses, and the way you stare, daydreaming---that's captivating :)

    Are you 22? When is your birthday? :)

    1. Hah, I like the idea of magic being technology! It is to me when I cannot understand how intelligent it all is! I do agree with you, but then so many things we as humans may never know about God's decisions or choices and he sin't magic, he is spectacular- above magic-above anything we could ever think up!

      The river dart is more in south devon. It isn't far from where I live :) The picture was taken by my older sister, she is very good at editing photos! No I am still 19! I don't look 22, not just yet anyway!


  9. God is indeed spectacular! :) There are atheists who want us to explain to them the existence of God. One actually asked me to explain it. But I just told him that "With explanation, one has to use one's mind. But for people who believe in God, they use the heart. For God is to be felt. If you give yourself the chance to feel Him, then you'd have your explanation."

    Sometimes I feel sad because most of the great scientists do not believe in God :( But there was one scientist who said that the more he discovered about science, the stronger his belief in God became, because only God could have created such scientific wonders that we all discover. :) :) It was Albert Einstein who said it. :) I think like him, because I also believe that all in nature---from atoms to the big galaxies--they are all God's spectacular creation! :)

    Of course you do not look 22---that's why I'm puzzled :D But then I realized that I made a mistake about your age, because in your video where you spoke in 22 accents, you said you were 15. But I thought I heard "18" (That's why I really should change my computer headset soon!) :D So when did you turn 19? :)