Monday, 24 September 2012

Am I a fool?

Am I a fool to go?

To watch you turn and wave one final time?
To let your hand slip from mine?

Am I a fool to think I am old?

To write and talk on my own?
To act as though I am fully grown?

Am I a fool to believe I could manage?

To walk with my own strength along the path?
To hide all my tears with a laugh?

Am I a fool to assume it will be all right?

To indulge in the silence of a never-ending night?
To keep it within and forfeit the light?

Am I a fool to grow and learn and change?
And leave your arms to exchange our world of comfort to pain?

Please tell me childhood will return and with it sweet days and sultry May's.

Please tell me laughter will crackle once more on the lawn, and the birds will wake before the dawn.

Please tell me I can live it all over again with you, and through it all, still be to you, so small?

I love you mummy, really,

I do.

- Joanna Grace


  1. May God guide you and protect you and preserve your innocent purity...

  2. Yes, I pray the same,that you will be forever pure in a world that can ravage and marr the most tenderest of shoots.I pray that you will find strength every day to really be true to yourself and to God.When the birds stop singing and Spring is far off that you will take courage in the hope of brighter days to come.That the Lord,who is faithful to the end will gather you in his arms during your darkest day and you will know without doubt that the best is yet to be xxxxx