Friday, 14 September 2012

A New Chapter

Tomorrow I will leave my family and go to live in a city. 
I will live there for three years to complete my degree in Theatre and Performance. 
I wish I could take the gathered faces in my heart along with me, they are unlike anyone in all of time.
 They are my family and I love them with all my being.

New ideas, new horizons, new stepping stone will cross my path.
New people, new voices, new choices I have to make.
But I will never forget who I am.
I will never stop being me.

I hope and pray with all my might that we will all do fine.
That each dear child that is reaching their own decisions today and tomorrow will be blessed with peace.
Life is full of choices.
Tomorrow will pass and so will three years, and next a hundred of them,
But today is all we have now, so treasure every moment!

God bless you all who read this post! 
You are dear and precious and beautiful.

Hug someone today, reach out and touch her hand.
Offer your shoulder for his head.
No one else's, but yours.

May laughter and contentedness follow you all the days of your life.

We shall start a new chapter my friends,
Indeed we shall.


  1. Hello Joanna,

    I wish you a nice trip and hope you have found a decent place to stay in the city.

    Don't let being away from your family dishearten you. Focus on your future. As Confucius said "Wherever you go, go with all your heart."

    So, acting is your career path. Well, it most certainly is a challenging one, but I feel you have the looks, the talent and the passion to follow that path. I wish you the best of luck in your studies and career! Don't forget to keep us up to date.


  2. Hey Jo, hope that you are alright. I am without a doubt that you will accomplish your degree In "Theatre and Performance" as I know that Is your cup of tea. You have proved that over, and over. It Is something that you have done since you were a child, and still pursuing. You will be just fine. I promise.

    It Is not easy leaving your home, or your family Is It, but we all have to at some point. My tryout was when I was 16 as you know, and It was hard, but I succumb that. My next step will be In 2013. I am excited, and scared, but I need to do It for It Is something that I must do.

    Not one of us knows what tomorrow will bring us, so we have to live for today. Hopefully a new dawn will come to light for all of us. It Is only our faith that keeps us. Without that there Isn`t any hope.

    Keep your chin up, and never stop what you are aiming for :)

    (PS) Don't forget to text to let someone know how you are.

  3. God bless you too,Joanna!:) May He keep your soul as beautiful as it already is! warm greetings from Romania <3

  4. i wish you good luck with your new life.