Friday, 3 August 2012

Why are you You?

Why are you so incredibly you?

 Why are you so uniquely made?
Why would you be this way?
If not to be you.

Why would you speak with your mouth?
Why would you wear your clothes?
Why would you walk with your feet?
If you were meant to be someone else.

I heard her say that she wishes she were thinner.
Who put this want into her head?
Are you guilty of playing in the game of the world?
Or do you look past what they all seem to see and see yourself?
You have something within you that no other human alive has.
You have you.

No one smiles the way you do.
No one laughs with their stomach like you do.
No one holds a pen quite like you do.
Now tell me why can't you be you?
Why have you still not become you?

Find out why your buried gifts have never been discovered.
Discover the ways of you.
Why were you made to be you, if you are supposed to be more like another?

Make it your prime responsibility in your life.
Develop yourself so that you can develop other people's lives.
Give and share, love and be.
For we find who we really are when we are loving others.
 No one should cry alone.
No one should die alone.

Don't miss love.

Don't miss life.

Don't miss you.

Now I ask you:
Please, don't give up, can you try now and be you, all your life?

-Joanna Grace


  1. Hi Joanna,

    A while ago i walked through Amsterdam.
    It made me feel sad to see all these young people sell themselves.
    I think the Lord has a goal, a purpose to anyones live.
    The only way for a human to be happy is to have a reason to be, and it made me feel sad to see these people had missed theirs.
    Maybe you should talk to them. What i just read was very inspiring, i know i would be persuaded!

    1. It wouldn't have any effect though. Parenting fail has been very thorough. I highly doubt most of them do it because they enjoy the old pervs, the various fetishists and all others that can't get laid (sorry for the language.) They do it for the easy buck. The good thing out of this is that money does make you grow up, so hopefully they will eventually open their eyes and see that making money does not need to involve 'manual labour.'

  2. Hello there,
    thank you for your comment. That is truly heart breaking, I don't know whether I would have been able to sleep after I had seen those helpless women selling themselves! Human trafficking and women being used and abused for sex is something that is burning within me to do something about. I need to do something! We all need to! It's time to stop this.
    Each life is precious to God and it is never too late for anyone to turn around and find him and his love. And yes we do feel contented and happy when we know we are doing what God wants us to do right at that time in our lives.

    God bless you and I hope I can bless others by my words!


    1. Hi again Jo,

      I don't know if you wrote this, but if you did congratulations, it is very well thought-out and well written. I would really find it appropriate that a copy is given to every 15 year old boy and girl in the "western" (at least) World, where "being cool" seems to be the #1 priority.

      Human trafficking and Amsterdam's red light district have little to do with each other. I don't understand why people think women are forced into prostitution and that they are victims. In countries like the Netherlands where prostitution is tightly regulated, this is not very likely. The Netherlands is neither Turkey nor Thailand, don't worry. This is a career path they have chosen for themselves and regardless if we find it appalling and think that they have lost their path, they made this choice with their free will. I wish you to help as many of them as you can. It is never too late for anyone, as you say.

      Thanks Jo, your posts give me faith.


      (small mistake perhaps => prime responsibly : prime responsibility?)

    2. Well, i wasn't really able to sleep. At first you think they might be puppets, but then they start to move. For the first minutes, your mind is unable to comprehend. After a while, i walked past a girl in underwear of about my age who looked rather a lot like my sister. She looked me strait into the eye. It scared the living daylights out of me. It was looking at evil at its very best. Not that she was an evil person. I don't know. But the thing she represented obviously was. At first try to you look away and to see these people as puppets. But after that moment, i was very much confronted with the fact that eventhough she was there and i'm here we are not that much different. These people could just as well have had a boyfriend and family.

      I felt ashamed that i was born as a man, and even more about the fact that i'm from Holland. And even more because Amsterdam is genuinly speckled with churches and other reminders of christianity and that we were totaly unable to do anything about it. (my dad is a pastor in The-Hague. He is not to blame, but still)

    3. I believe everyone does something for a reason or would act a certain way for a reason. Though it may appear simple to the eye, I think it goes down further.
      Though she may say that she has a choice to do prostitution, she may have taken on this choice because of the way she grew up or from what she has seen of male and female relationships in her life. She may have seen that intimacy between woman and man is something fleeting and not real, she may also think that she finds her purpose by feeling 'needed' by what she is doing, she may even (in her mind) believe that she is finding her value and self worth by the men using her body. But to her it may not be using but giving.
      But I believe that every human is special and that the bonding of humans as individuals: choosing one other person, not heaps of people is best. To think of sex as a uniting purpose, to join not just two bodies but also two souls together, will help to build up and not tear down.
      I suppose you have to ask yourself in everything: Is this a declaration of love? Or a sustainer for desire? Will it give life and bring hope and beauty to that one person, or will it consume and destroy them? Is it selfish? Because that is one thing love isn't.
      And for a child full of purpose and power, I would want every one to have the freedom from worldly influences, worldly paths that will only lead one way, a way that is easy but never good in the end.

      Poor girl, bless her! We are all like her, she is like us. You and I. She is our sister. It's hard, but we must all be lights on the hillside!

      God bless you all!

    4. Your comments show more wisdom and knowledge of the Bible than many people leading churches in my country... I'm not mocking, just an observation. I have met many christian people in my life. But only some of these people have the ability to inspire people. Oftenly people come to me and try to convince me of their belief and point of view. Usually by talking to me and not talking with me. Most people talking to a church or a group of people have all the right intentions, but the message doesn't get across.

      You have a talent to inspire people. In your own words you reminded me of what christianity is all about. You do have to ability to get the message across.

      Have you ever thought of becoming a preacherman? (woman)

    5. Thank you, you are so kind. I think that you are totally right about them having the right intentions, but just somehow missing who they really are by thinking this or that, and you're completely right, they don't get down on the other person's level!
      It is vital for us as Christians to get along side those who are not Christians. Not to become like them or to be influenced, but to gently change them or at least make them aware of the differences in living with the power and love of God's holy spirit. Even if they have differences that clash with us, as long as they have heard something they have never heard before, even if they don't believe it, their minds have reached a point where they have learnt something and it can't go back to the ignorance as before. And so as humans we keep growing and changing and with us, our minds change and grow and we have different mind-sets and then one day something may happen to that person and they will be reminded of what you said to them or showed them. Then God will nudge them and they may choose either to turn to him or not. This doesn't happen to all, but to think in this way, in this positive way will help and encourage us Christians when we sometimes feel like we are doing nothing to further God's kingdom. But God knows!

      You are very encouraging also so thank you for your words, I will treasure them. I only want to be of use and through my journey of life I would like to think that even if I have made only three people smile, than I will be happy. But more much more, yes God never let the opportunities pass any of us! Give us the courage and faith to trust you! Amen

      I have never thought of becoming a pastor but I suppose we all can speak to the world in our own different ways.

      God bless you and keep you :)

    6. It basically comes down to the fact that all starts with choice. People can decline or disagree, or even agree with things you say. People make a choice, when we have its time to understand that choice. We all like to think that we are in charge of our own lives, that we are in control. But it is really the lord who is boss. Of course we can act as we like, but we cannot see past the consequence of our choices.

      I think that in the 21st century people have become arrogant. We all know best ourselves. We have so much of everything. We have become God ourselves. Why would you spend 1.5 of boring time in church? It doesn't do anything we can't do ourselves. Why pray? If you are ill, you can go to hospital? Why call God for help? If i need anything, i can pull my wallet. And with the big-bang theory we have already proved God is a leftover from a lower level of evolution.

      We think that we are so much but the more we prove, the less we can understand. We all like to think that we are in control, that we understand anything. But still people get murdered, wars break out, and people are being abused (in Amsterdam) So all we can say for sure that despite all inventions, we haven't become better people and we are still as human as we used to be. The best comfort or luxury a human can have, is the knowledge that someone is looking past all the things we don't understand and is carving a path through. That even if bad things happen, someone is taking care of us, untill he comes back of course.

  3. I think everyone forgets who they are, and why they are here. They choose to be someone else because they tend to fit In better. They walk around without a care In the world pretending to be someone else, but a echo within starts calling out to be let out. The person does not listen because they are too Involved In what Is going on around them. Thus being led In the other direction like a lost soul.

    But yes your right In what you typed out above. Your you, and only you can be you. The thing that really eats me Is what happened, and why do people drift the other way. Surely they were not raised that way. Who do you blame? You, for letting It happen. Again, as typed out through my blog. You can either say Yes or No. Those are our only values. Either you agree, or you don't agree.

    In the end your you, and you can never be anyone else. Whatever happens through your life you can only blame yourself for what you do. Your the only person to control your thinking. If you let "GOD" In to your heart then whatever you do It will always be the right way!

  4. Jesus said to them and to us all: "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners."
    However, we should not see ourselves as righteous just because we believe in God and go to church....we are all sinners that need Lord's grace! Thank you, Joanna Grace!:)

  5. Dear Joanna Grace Burgess, i have seen your video about how to master indian accent.its nice to see this.And best of luck for your future work.

  6. Hi Joanna,
    Even I watched your Youtube channel and wanted to know more about you and came across your blog. I read some of your blogs and in many ways, I can relate to you and in many ways, you seem to be strata above many.
    I believe that all of us have some basic qualities which are inherited by everyone of us and that's what makes us humans (some of these qualities are found even in other living beings as well) while some qualities are overpowering than the others which are responsible for the most critical choices we make in our lives and eventually, our lives are shaped or deformed by these choices. These "overpowering" qualities make us "unique" and I believe that each one of us should pursue our dreams which are again, a result of these qualities. If it weren't for these qualities, the World would've been so dull, so monotonous. The different shades of us, make this World so vibrant!
    Unfortunately, there are darker shades as well. And I think, they'd be there for good. We cannot make the Earth perfect, nothing's absolute in nature! You need to overlook some things in order to remain happy and keep your own soul intact. Although, I couldn't agree with you more and I'm in consensus with your poem as well as your comments above and do not intend you to discourage you from your good work and thoughts.
    Stay happy and blessed. :)