Friday, 24 August 2012

If I were Queen for a day...

If I were Queen for the day...

I would banish wars forever, if anyone wanted to take back land or invade they can disscuss the matter with the other country or come to some agreement. We all need each other's help.

I would make pornography illegal. Full stop.

I would make sure every woman in the world could support her family by working in a safe enviroment.

I would banish laws that were sexist and defined a woman's way to live: we are all called to freedom.

I would get rid of tax, interest and VAT. We don't need to be greedy any more, if no one is, than no one has to be.

I would encourage people to begin to use horse and cart if they were only taking a short journey and make people share cars.

I would make university free. Education should be open to everyone, with or without money.

There would be no messing about with nature, we leave it as it is. We don't try interbreeding to evolve everything we see into something new, something we think is stronger but then ends up killing the specie in the end.

I would shut all the shops on a Sunday as it used to be once upon a time. Families would then have a day together and the entire world can rest.

I would make Britain's borders tighter. We are loosing our Christian faith of the island because we are having to embrace all religion and every culture- we are losing our own. It would also stop Britain over loading! There are far too many people living on such a small land mass.

I would banish Nursing Homes and instead encourage families to look after their own parents. If they couldn't afford the care, the government would help. If there must be a place for orphaned parents, than there would be only 7 residents to two Carers. There are too many elderly people swamped together with not enough individual care.

I would also make Carers and Nurse's pay far more than what it is now. They are looking after our people that once lived amazing lives and these Nurses are dealing with life and death every day.

I would make farmers want to get back on the land and farm again. The price of meat and crops would rise far more than what it is now. British farmers need to make food for Britain!

I would plant trees every where and make gardens spring up in the middle of cities.

And finally,
 I would wish that every one could love one another and that we could all live in peace.

There are a thousand more things I could say, but for now I will leave it as it is.


  1. Hi Jo, some modern "liberal" thinking there.

    So I'll just present my conservative arguments as I usually do.

    1) So if Mr Kenny came to Mr Cameron tomorrow and told him 'I want Northern Ireland back as those people are Irish,' what should Mr Cameron say? My point is that negotiations don't work without common interests and war is just the quick way out of a never-ending confrontation.

    2) Well, a better idea is to make sure every woman in the world can support her family before she starts one. Going around having children and then moaning "Oh but he left me and I've never worked a day in my life or I'm only 15 and I need state help or I'm from Africa and have 15 kids and our national economy is based on taking pictures of dying children and hanging them around in European capitals to get pity money" is just not a solution to me. All women should finally learn family planning.

    3) Just a reminder here. In the West, laws are sexist against men, not against women.

    4,6) Somehow you want free education but no taxation. Then who will be paying for your free education? Taxation should be fair, over-taxation is the problem.

    5) And bike <3 :D

    6) I live in a country with constitutionally-guaranteed completely free education for everyone. The results of this free education are shocking. Young people do not respect universities as they have not paid for them and since there is no push to finish fast they become eternal students. As for the universities themselves, all those beautiful neoclassical buildings, have been destroyed by the militant communist "political parties" that run them and have allowed everything illegal in them from housing illegal immigrants to serving terrorist webpages through their internet connections. If I had a choice I'd make university cost no less than 10,000 eur a year.

    7) But how would it be if you shut down shops on Sunday? In my country, Greece, Sunday as the first day of the week is a religious day. (Kyriaki = God's day, in translation,) and thus nothing works here on Sundays except restaurants and most tourist shops. Our government wanted to make it a working day a few months ago as it could increase our GDP by 10% with people working more and getting higher salaries and people having more opportunities to spend, but our Church made a petition that persuaded the government it would not be very popular so they didn't do it. Personally, I prefer London where I didn't care what day it was and I knew I could shop anytime I wanted.

    8) Everyone can be a nurse. I have a friend who has studied English and is a nurse at a beauty hospital. Does such a job really need a high salary? It's not like they are politicians. To be progressive we have to pay more to scientists that will make robots to replace the nurses, the farmers, the soldiers, the salespeople etc.

    9) Meat and crops and especially local meat and crops are expensive. Problems with farmers today is over-regulation. What I mean is that the EU regulates farming within the EU and expects its farmers to follow those expensive regulations that direct them how to do everything. At the same time the EU allows other countries like Turkey or Ukraine or Egypt and South Africa to sell their products on the EU markets. Those countries do not have these regulations and thus can use poisonous substances to make food cheaper and faster and over-take the EU producers. EU-producers then move to the cities for a desk job and become consumers. Farming should make profit easily if it is to attract Europeans again. Also some advances in robotic help would make it alot more attractive.

    10) You live in the greenest country on Earth. Britain has so much drinkable water that even the pavements flourish. (Yes I am very jealous of that and absolutely love your cities' planning.)

    Ok, sorry for this ultra long thing, which is probably longer than your initial text. You really are making some great points up there. You have some really noble thoughts.

    1. You have written out some great arguments there! But I only wrote what I did from an idealistic point of view- 'if' all could be possible, not thinking literally on everything, because when you do that there will always be something to stop you and hold you back!

      You need to shake the world off your shoulders and relax :)

      And one comment I did not agree with- my mother is a nurse and I know from what she has to do on her night-shifts how much immeasurable strength she needs, both emotionally and physically just to get through the gruelling hours of early morning. She only gets a 20 minute break through-out her whole night and can hardly stop to have a cup of tea, much less something to eat! And not 'any one' can do that. Men and women could die at any point through the night, and she has to decide what to do - she has to assess it and decide whether it is an emergency or hyperventilation. She has to certify the dead, she has to comfort them and do everything they ask for. She changes their pads, because there is hardly any o.a.p in the home where she works, who can actually have enough strength to go to the toilet on their own!
      She sorts out drugs to each individual and has to give them out every 4 hours or less, depending on each person. And more than all of that, is that she sits with them and talks to them and loves them and each one is special to her, as though there are none others waiting or crying out because they don't know where they are. She has to watch the lives she has cared for die and carry on with the next resident who then takes over that room. Without nurses who would care for you when you get old if your family couldn't?
      Without nurses, how much more would doctors time be taken up? Without nurses the world would miss them just like every other person that lives in this world. No matter what your job- you can make your life important to those around you. You can be as valuable as 10 million scientists, if you only love someone.
      Robots cannot be the same as the smile of a kind hearted human being. Robots may think they are taking over- but some day people will wake up and realise that what 'they' thought would help the world, would actually ruin it.

    2. All my friend does at the beauty clinic is run diagnostics, and, of course, I am not implying in any way that robots will replace human interaction, but there are a lot of uses humanity could have for droids.

  2. Values need to be promoted to protect society - when speaking to our elders, and they say 'ohhh, it was never like this in our day' ... I enjoy listening to how they recall those days… certain values like respect for the elderly, importance of family, marriage etc… children today need to understand the value of knowledge & education... not take their schooling for granted… so many enter University because 'student life' is fantastic (which for some, isn't so much about studying but play, and lots of it.)

    It should be that men take financial responsibility of women – meaning a woman can be very successful career wise, but the responsibility of living costs etc. should be placed on the husband. I believe God created men and women differently and therefore they play different roles in society.

    Tighter border restrictions may minimize the growth in Britain's population but I don't believe it's the main reason people in Britain are 'loosing their Christian faith'… since the 1950s, the film and music industry began introducing symbols of rebellion through cinemas and theaters, captivating the youth... and steadily, in the 80s/90s, masses began to absorb the productions of the media machine through the box in the living room, adverts, magazines aimed at teens (filled with ideas that teens shouldn't really be thinking about)... till nakedness, fornication, binge drinking steadily began to be the norm... Churches became empty and many are now converted into Nightclubs or ... Mosques!

    People in Britain are soul searching... asking God to guide them... increasing numbers enter Islam (submitting/surrendering ones will to Almighty God) their hearts accepting the unique oneness of God and the nature of Jesus, peace be upon him, as explained in the Qur'an.

    Some nice ideas... And thanks for another thought provoking post.

  3. Dear Jo,

    I suppose you'd be a wise monarch. Nevertheless, your point "I would make Britain's borders tighter" irritates me a bit. I'm from Germany and I love travelling a lot, my first job after university was in Surrey as a teacher. So here's my question:

    Would I still be allowed to visit your country any time I'd like if you were Queen?

    Best, Malte

    1. Hi Malte I am no wise monarch. That is awesome that you were a teacher in Surrey, well done! Of course you could come and visit my country any time you wish (if I were Queen) I am not prejudiced, I am only looking out for the land population and the beauty that needs to be preserved through-out the country without having houses built upon every green hill!

  4. Thanks for the reply, Jo. Now I can relate to that point, as I love nature very much, too. I'll be there for your crowning.

  5. I have a cousin and three aunts who are teachers, and they used to tell me that the noblest job in the world is teaching... But after reading your words about your mom, I realized that the noblest job is nursing after all..
    In teaching, there is lesser sacrifices compared to teaching... And a teacher usually goes to the classroom while most or all of her students being happy. But the nurse has a more nobler situation because a nurse has to face patients in the hospital, and of course is a person is in the hospital he is not happy. And your mom is there in the midst of unhappy people who are troubled about their health and needing not only aid in physical health, but also emotional health.

    Your blog is really inspiring! There are a lot of things that a person could learn by reading your blog! :) What you wrote on the top of your blog defines what your blog is: "Ponder.Breathe.Live.Love - From One Human Being To Another" :)

    And I agree with what you wrote that robots could never replace the smile of a kind-hearted human being! :) I don't even want robots to be used someday! I would hate it if hospitals start using robots.. If robots take over hospitals, patients may be physically healthy, but mentally and emotionally, they are not ...

    Thank you so much for your insights! :)
    God bless you always!