Friday, 24 August 2012


I went to see the film 'Brave' a few days ago at the cinema. It was refreshing and beautiful in its own right. Scotland is shown off to perfection in it's Celtic roots and who couldn't love Merida, with her mass of tangled copper hair and gleaming blue eyes?

She was determined to choose and live for herself, making her own pathway but being the princess of the land, many expectations were placed upon her. With her denial of a custom that brings turmoil to her kingdom, Merida stands up and fights back at the powers over her with all her strength. With the forfeiting her mother's life, Merida relies on her bravery to undo a beastly curse and restore peace as before.
With the journey comes a 'listening ear' to another's heart, desire and dream.

The animation was stunning and food to the eye.  I will give it a 7 / 10!


  1. Hi. Hope you are fine. Undoubtedly you are a blessed person with a lot of real talent and confidence. That is one thing. you can and easily smart your enemies. This is another thing. But then it is also just to say that hardworking is what matters most,not brilliance,not intelligence. And hardworking requires faith,not cramming,not boasting. And and faith and hardworking and the state of being focused ,all are useless and I believe they do not exist if there is no aim. There is no target! That's something. And then there are the risks and the outcomes. a person who would merely hit without knowing the consequences would falter. The other who makes hypotheses would not. For he would choose or she would the profitable path! But the profitable path is not always easy! There are dangers. Real dangers!but not dangers necessarily. There is most probably and most inevitably and usually a lot of struggle in the sense of waiving of unflinching oppression and opposition! And on the way to greatness there are many such situations when you become an overgrown wild animal,and your destiny becomes you phobia,your obsession,your possession! That is the point where you win yourself over yourself because at that point there is another you which asks you to stop and give up. The opposition is too much and will easily overcome my feeble attempts. And when such thoughts do occur the attempts do become feeble! 'Cause hey human, any human is different from the other and all humans are beautiful and gorgeous in their own right. And well I don't know what I've been writing but anyways determination,hardworking and being focused and unnerving is the real deal thing. That is what most big minds lack. Not hardworking,not being focused but being directed. They are easily lingered on other vistas by the fools they come across. I therefore wish that you will not falter and you I believe have already assessed yourself and your destiny. And I hope that God gives you the strength to distinguish wrong from right. And to absorb the truth. The truth which lies bare. Which only the seekers seek. And those who want don't see the beholders! Anyways I see a lot common in myself and you. I am a poet,a writer, a singer.though I don't have a very clear voice! Well, I hope that this time when you do reply you will tell me a way to contact you privately. Via some email or something please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please. See how many times I've said it. if you say so I'd put up my I'd. What do you say to that? Anyways stay blessed. Take care. Farewell!

  2. And yes my name's pronounciation I needed to clear. The a and d are the problem-makers! Well the d is soft and the a is pronounced as In hard! Take care. Stay blessed. Do reply. And Is Indian Accent the most difficult one? And which is the most easiest?

  3. Thank you again Saad, for your comment. I'm afraid I don't like to just give out my email, but you can send me a message on my youtube account.

  4. My sister saw this animation a few weeks ago with her friends, and she loved It. I was told to that there was a lot of famous voices too. I think pixar are getting Incredibly good with their animations, and have been for years. I will without a doubt watch this at some point so please remind me. It may be this year or In ten years but I`ll watch It. Maybe I will get It on DVD when It comes out, who knows. I like animations, and I don't know who doesn't.