Thursday, 30 August 2012

Do you want a Religion or a Relationship?

People seem to think that so many religions today are much the same. You worship God and have such and such ways of getting to heaven. People think that if your religion does nothing wrong and that if you love others and be a 'good person' all your life, you will find yourself in clouds when you die and singing with the angles. BUT I do not believe that. Some of you may be offended by what I say but I have the living power of Jesus in me and I must speak out and do what I know to be right.

 If you want religion than Islam and Buddhism are great. They will give you set rules that you must meet, they will give you guide-lines about how you 'carry out' your religion. It is there before you. But that is where Christianity is completely different. It doesn't work as a 'religion'  it is not good for a 'religion' and all that goes with a 'religion'. Christianity is a relationship. And relationships take time, they take commitment, they take listening and answering, they take caring and loving, they take sharing and friendship. That is what Jesus should be to a Christian, and that is what we try to be back to Jesus. Knowing Jesus isn't about knowing what is wrong and right, it is about knowing a living person who cares so much for you and is thinking of you constantly!

I have a friend who is very intelligent, she says she believes in God, she also believes in certain types of evolution, she also believes in other things that I don't know much about. But you see the point is that you can't have your finger in every pie. My friend has created theories and collected ideas until she has almost come up with her own complicated knowledge of what she thinks God is, of what she thinks life is all about. But Christianity is so simple that  really smart people often miss it! They ponder and wonder and delve further over more and more things until their brain is swamped with meanings that they tell themselves they really do believe in.

My faith is simple- I live for Jesus. He came to earth 2,000 years ago from heaven, to die and take away my sins and all the sins of this world. Now he is Alive and defeated death! He gave me his spirit and is therefore always with me. I am a sinner and don't deserve any of it- but He gives it anyway because He is Love. And when I die I shall meet him in all his glory. Why? Because I believe he is the one and only son of God! You say 'but how can that be possible?' I tell you it takes more faith to be believe that we came from apes than what I just wrote out.
Where did the apes come from? Where did the fish come from? Where did the sea come from? What was that? Rocks? Humans came from rocks? Really???

If you really think the Bible so much like other religious books, than why not find out a little more about Jesus. Why not study the Bible back to front and find out who Jesus really is for yourself?

God Bless you all on your search in this life. I only pray that you will find him. And that one day we can rejoice together in Heaven! Praise God forever and ever, who Was and Is and Is to Come Amen!


Friday, 24 August 2012


I went to see the film 'Brave' a few days ago at the cinema. It was refreshing and beautiful in its own right. Scotland is shown off to perfection in it's Celtic roots and who couldn't love Merida, with her mass of tangled copper hair and gleaming blue eyes?

She was determined to choose and live for herself, making her own pathway but being the princess of the land, many expectations were placed upon her. With her denial of a custom that brings turmoil to her kingdom, Merida stands up and fights back at the powers over her with all her strength. With the forfeiting her mother's life, Merida relies on her bravery to undo a beastly curse and restore peace as before.
With the journey comes a 'listening ear' to another's heart, desire and dream.

The animation was stunning and food to the eye.  I will give it a 7 / 10!

Go Alone

If you would have your son to walk honourably through the world, you must not attempt to clear the stones from his path, but teach him to walk firmly over them - not insist upon leading him by the hand, but let him learn to go alone.

- Anne Bronte

If I were Queen for a day...

If I were Queen for the day...

I would banish wars forever, if anyone wanted to take back land or invade they can disscuss the matter with the other country or come to some agreement. We all need each other's help.

I would make pornography illegal. Full stop.

I would make sure every woman in the world could support her family by working in a safe enviroment.

I would banish laws that were sexist and defined a woman's way to live: we are all called to freedom.

I would get rid of tax, interest and VAT. We don't need to be greedy any more, if no one is, than no one has to be.

I would encourage people to begin to use horse and cart if they were only taking a short journey and make people share cars.

I would make university free. Education should be open to everyone, with or without money.

There would be no messing about with nature, we leave it as it is. We don't try interbreeding to evolve everything we see into something new, something we think is stronger but then ends up killing the specie in the end.

I would shut all the shops on a Sunday as it used to be once upon a time. Families would then have a day together and the entire world can rest.

I would make Britain's borders tighter. We are loosing our Christian faith of the island because we are having to embrace all religion and every culture- we are losing our own. It would also stop Britain over loading! There are far too many people living on such a small land mass.

I would banish Nursing Homes and instead encourage families to look after their own parents. If they couldn't afford the care, the government would help. If there must be a place for orphaned parents, than there would be only 7 residents to two Carers. There are too many elderly people swamped together with not enough individual care.

I would also make Carers and Nurse's pay far more than what it is now. They are looking after our people that once lived amazing lives and these Nurses are dealing with life and death every day.

I would make farmers want to get back on the land and farm again. The price of meat and crops would rise far more than what it is now. British farmers need to make food for Britain!

I would plant trees every where and make gardens spring up in the middle of cities.

And finally,
 I would wish that every one could love one another and that we could all live in peace.

There are a thousand more things I could say, but for now I will leave it as it is.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Who do you Depend on?

In today's world and in today's time, the idea of being dependant on anything or anyone is viewed as unhealthy and weakening. Especially in the western countries where a young child is brought up to expect that one day she/he will have to move out and get away from the house and people she grew up with and find her own feet. We are encouraged to go to university and begin our own lives without our family. But who began this culture, this idea that has held us and influenced us for so long now?
Is it really what we want? Do parents really want to grow old with none of their children near by to take care of them?

In the Philippines I know that when a woman marries, her husband will move into her home and there they will all live and raise their own children under the eyes and hands of their parents and grandparents. When someone gets old or ill, they will all take care of each other and even sell their farms and houses to pay for the medical bills for them! Surely that should be what family means- that all will begin together and end together. If one soars, so does the other, it is a base, a unit.
But here in Britain it is certainly not like this any more, though I wish with all my heart that it could be! Even though we would like to get out from our families sometimes and find ourselves, would we have these mind-sets if we were raised in the Philippines?
And sometimes I come across other big families like me own and people will say, 'Why are you still living at home? You're old enough now to leave aren't you?'
Surely the 'time' for leaving is nothing to do with that person's character and own pace in life. Each individual develops in her own time, why should we think that by the time we are eighteen we are adults? Why should we even think that by the time we have finished school we should be starting our career?
I don't want you to think that I am promoting laziness or uselessness, only family and there where you were raised, you should be at home. We are viewed as 'unsuccessful' in life if we are dependant. So instead the world encourages us to think of only ourselves. And then we feel sucessful when we complete something in our own strength.

The world is so fast-paced sometimes it scares me. But there is one thing that I will always be dependant on and that 'thing' is the living God. Even Christians can sometimes hardly be aware that they are actually not giving their everything to God, that they are holding back in some way too. It may be in finances or health, they believe it is all their own doing, they must be determined not to fail in that one area.
We are afraid to give everything entirely to God because we afraid of losing. But if only we could put this new mind-set through us and within us and floating around us all the time, something like this : God delights in providing for me. He is my father and my God, he will and is more than able to provide for me no matter what I am going through or all that is to come. And he wants me to enjoy what he gives us now, not to wait until tomorrow!

I always think that if God has given you something, than you shouldn't hold back- live it and enjoy it now! Start breathing, find out what God has burried within you. Do you know, it is so exciting, because I know God has given already so many gifts to me, but I still know that there is more to come, I can feel them there tickling my heart. They will come for you too, but only in his time, when we are ready for it. So if God has given you the gift, use it.

In the words of the wonderful Joyce Meyer- 'Compliment God by believing he is good and by expecting him to meet your needs according to the promises in his Word.

How wonderful is that? That we can actually compliment our living God? It is one thing to accept something that God has done for you, but it is completely another thing to expect him to keep doing good things!

Be dependant on God, you can't do it alone, do it better- with God!

And don't forget that he formed the mountains and scattered the stars in the sky. His dreams will take you beyond anything you'll ever dream on your own!

My poetical heart

I stop to look on at the cows under the oaks, their tails swishing up onto their bony hips and the midges floating in organized circles around one another. The sun's beams filter through the leaves and find my hair and adds a sparkle to my eyes and a rush of colour to my cheeks. I stop to look on, it may be simple to you, but not to me and my poetical heart.

-Joanna Grace

Don't Fence ME In!

Oh, give me land, lots of land
Under starry skies above,
Don't fence me in.

Let me ride through the wild open
Country that I love,
Don't fence me in.

Let me be by myself in the evening breeze-
Listen to the murmer of the cottonwood trees,
Send me off forever, but I ask you please,
Don't fence me in.

Just turn me loose,
Let me straddle my old saddle
Underneath the western sky.
On my cayuse,
Let me wander over yonder
Till I see the mountains rise.
I want to ride to the ridge
Where the west commences,
Gaze at the moon till I lose my senses,
Can't look at hobbles and I can't stand fences,

Don't fence me in.

Burial or Plantation?

The old Saxon word for 'cemetery' means 'God's Acre'.

Christians don't get buried, they get planted!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

A New Life Born!

A dear family friend has just given birth tonight!

I went into the hospital to visit her yesterday and it was an experience I won't forget. There were expectant mothers all around and it was a very peaceful calm ward because it was either before or after labour.
There were soon-to-be-fathers sitting beside the beds, soothing their beloveds. The weariness and anxiety was dimming their eyes, but all fear was sure to be swept away, when a child of their own is placed in their arms.

I massaged my friend's bump. It was so beautiful! And for the first time in my life, I actually got to feel the baby girl kicking inside. It was so powerful, like a heart beat.
                                                 It was stunning, all of it. 


Because I look at every single human being today and I realise that each of you has come out from your mother. Each one of you, young or old, has survived the most treacherous journey of your life: being born.

There you were under the bright lights, taking in your first airy breath as the cold air slapped at your cheeks. You knew nothing, only the sound of your mother's voice from your watery lagoon.
You were protected and shielded for days and nights continuous, until you were ready to live and know.

When you pass someone tonight or tomorrow, this time, see them in a new radiant light. And thank God for mothers everywhere and that they didn't give up when they laboured harder and more fiercer than any living hero alive, to give birth to you!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Why are you You?

Why are you so incredibly you?

 Why are you so uniquely made?
Why would you be this way?
If not to be you.

Why would you speak with your mouth?
Why would you wear your clothes?
Why would you walk with your feet?
If you were meant to be someone else.

I heard her say that she wishes she were thinner.
Who put this want into her head?
Are you guilty of playing in the game of the world?
Or do you look past what they all seem to see and see yourself?
You have something within you that no other human alive has.
You have you.

No one smiles the way you do.
No one laughs with their stomach like you do.
No one holds a pen quite like you do.
Now tell me why can't you be you?
Why have you still not become you?

Find out why your buried gifts have never been discovered.
Discover the ways of you.
Why were you made to be you, if you are supposed to be more like another?

Make it your prime responsibility in your life.
Develop yourself so that you can develop other people's lives.
Give and share, love and be.
For we find who we really are when we are loving others.
 No one should cry alone.
No one should die alone.

Don't miss love.

Don't miss life.

Don't miss you.

Now I ask you:
Please, don't give up, can you try now and be you, all your life?

-Joanna Grace