Monday, 2 July 2012

Your song

You stop to rest your pen and your mind flickers in the early light.
Your desk is your lap and your garden is the wind sweeping through the grass.
Your pen are the thoughts and dreams placed in your head,
A place where there is no need for recollection, all you feel you know.

You watch the morning deer bound over the hills, her certain hoof-prints, marking your life in a moment.
Your hands are the trees that hold up the birds and your feet are the pilgrim's along the dusty way.
You don't need the sun's warmth to make you content, your smile is already your zeal and all the devotion You shall ever need.

You hear the sound of a soft ticking and know it to be the beat of your heart.
Your voice is the birdsong, chorusing to awaken your soul.
The moon is your lamp and guides you to trample upon the shadows of night.
 Your life is a gift and your kindred spirit immortal, you are blessed by the one whose mighty hands creates All of this and you.

But the song, the song that you keep treasured within you is yet to be heard to any passer by.
Maybe it is the wind through the reeds along the river bank?
Or the owl hooting goodnight?
Or perhaps it is the rain upon the window, its gentle silver beads from heaven?

But only if you are patient and gentle and have a listening heart, you may just come to hear it, hear it and know.

-Joanna Grace


  1. I told you that you have a pretty mind didn't I. I really like this. I have read It over, and over, and It truly speaks for Itself If you can understand the context. It Is beautiful. I like the pictures too. I wish I could see a deer like that. Is that a wagon? It Is pretty, and colorful. I would live In one of those as long as I can be free In the wilderness. The kettle Is boiling too:) Unsweetened for me, please. No seriously, this was just Incredible. You made my day, so thank-you. you are too kind. Did you have a good day? I hope so. I dreamed of an owl the other night. I was sitting on the edge of a cliff with someone, and the owl flew, and perched on my right arm. That someone got scared, so I told her to hold her arm out. As she did, I said, pet him, and his face then buried himself In her chest. It Is true :)

    You are a beautiful writer, so please do not ever stop In what you are creating as It Is just pure Inspiration.

    "GOD" bless you!

    1. I'm so glad that it spoke to you because I had a picture of you sitting outside one of those shepherd huts and it was just in the early morning light and you were camped below some mountains with a pen in your lap and a pot of tea beside you, just watching the animals and nature before you.

      Thank you darling :) You never stop too!


  2. Hello, Jo
    I'm very appreciate to you
    I'm a foreign student and this is my 1st week in London
    I was worrying about pronunciation and while I am searching in the YouTube I found out your Britian accent video . I admire you, Jo

    1. Hi James,
      I hope you have a wonderful time in London and I'm sure you'll learn lots and lots!

      I hope you can learn something from my videos, and well done for learning another language!


    2. Thank you